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    FOUND! A beautiful, embossed case gin comes to light after 132 years!

    FOUND! A beautiful, embossed case gin comes to light after 132 years! Here is a link ( http://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-43299283#_=_ ) to article with pictures and details of the find. Found on a beach in Australia, the bottle with a note was tossed overboard from a German research...
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    I've seen several posts on this forum that speculate on, or categorically state that "the privy was dipped" or "privies in Baltimore are heavily dipped" or similar statements. I assume that dipping a privy is akin to pumping a septic tank; that is, the material is removed and hauled away--am I...
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    METAL DETECTING - deep dumps

    I inserted this question as part of a reply to another thread. Since nobody has responded, I'd thought I'd try again by starting a new thread. Do any forum members have success locating deep dumps and privy pits with metal detectors? I’d like to get a metal detector for locating dump...
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    FORUM DIGS?? did they happen?

    Hello all, I lurked about in the background on this site a couple years ago. Recall seeing message threads where forum members were trying to setup a group dig--A BOTTLE DIGGERS' HOLIDAY if you please! The idea certainly appealed to me. I used to dig out here in Washington State in the early...

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