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    U.S.A. Hosp. Dept Repro

    This is a classic example of a modern repro of these fine historical bottles. Note (among many things ,the open pontil mark on the base as well as the lack of periods after the USA Hosp The guy states it could be a repop which is good, but then he goes on giving descriptions and literature of...
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    My baby came home!

    As most of the older members on this forum know, my passion is U.S.A. Hosp. Dept bottles made only for the Union Army and only during the years of the Civil War. I make this post for those who love the history surrounding a bottle, the scarcity of a bottle,the color of a bottle, and the thrill...
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    Hey Diggerjeff

    Jeff, I don't get on here much anymore and I see you don't either, but hope you have a Happy Birthday! [:D] Kelley
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    Hosp. bottle catalog

    Hey guys, I know this is not much to go on and is a real shot in the dark, but I am trying to find the complete catalog, book, story or whatever this is. I was just hoping maybe one of yall has seen this and remembers it. Thanks for looking, Kelley http://www.braceface.com/medical/catalog.jpg
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    Happy Birthday epgorge!

    Hey Joel, I hope you are having a great day! [:D] Smoke
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    Need a couple of commons

    Hello all, I am looking to buy a couple of common bottles for a local museum. They have given me a list of 2 right now but I imagine there will be a few more at a later date. They want a Hostetters and a Mustang Liniment. The bottles need to be of the right time period for the exhibit. The...
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    Birthday boy!

    Have a great one Mr. Swede! Aint it great to be 49???[:D]
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    Pumpkin seeds

    Such common bottles but rarely found in colors other than clear, amber, and zapped purple. I dug the emerald green one,forum member Pitfinder dug the teal one and then I bought the zapped purple and the orange amber one. I just think they are kinda pretty. [;)] Kelley
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    For Annie44

    Hey all, Cindy ask me awhile ago to post the USA Hosp. Dept. bottles that I dug a few years ago. Haven't had a good camara in awhile so I put her off. Here you go Cindy. I hope some more of you enjoy as well. I was lucky enough to dig all but 3 of these. I bought the smallest cobalt, and 2 of...
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    Happy B. Day Mr. Mod.

    Hey Jeff, hope you have a great one with many more to come! Kelley
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    I have a question. On the Warners Safe Cures there are 2 different lip styles. There is the blob and there is the ring collar. Which one is older? Thanks, Kelley
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    Cobalt up for grabs

    Hello boys and girls! This auction to benefit the forum thing is really a grand idea, so here goes. Bidding starts at $1.32 [:D] What we have is a beautiful DEEP cobalt BIM Tooled lip ca. 1890 Granular Citrate of Magnesia. There is absolutely no issues with this bottle and I don't believe it...
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    Happy Birthday Irish

    Hey Irish, haven't seen you on here in awhile but here is wishing you a great day in OZ![:D] Kelley
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    Ahh Nuts....

    Well I had a first happen to me yesterday. My first broken bottle out of the tumbler. [&o] Luckily it was mine and not a very expensive one but it sucks rocks just the same! It was a pumpkinseed flask and I'm thinking due to the akward size and having to use a 5" can to accommodate it, there...
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    U.S.A. Hosp. Dept bottles

    Hey Guys and Gals, as some collect inks, or bitters, or flasks, I collect USA Hosp Dept bottles. I got started on these when I was lucky enough to dig a bunch of these out of an Indian Wars fort here in Tejas. There doesn't seem to be a lot of people on here that have much interest in them...
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    Happy Birthday Julie !

    Hope you had a great day Julie! Hope you got to do some diggin or at least got a nice bottle.[;)] Kelley
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    Birthday dude!

    Hey Meech! Happy birthday! [:D] You and diggerjeff one day apart huh? Hope you got some nice glass! Kelley
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    Gem Butter Jar 5 lbs

    Hello jar guru's. I had a bit of luck yesterday and was wondering if yall could answer a couple of questions for me. Bout 3 years ago I dug a Gem Butter Jar 5 Lbs in perfect shape. I also dug the glass insert in good shape. Yesterday I was diggin in another Military pit that was about 10 miles...
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    Can't describe the feeling

    Pitfinder and I went on a hunt today for Military and/or Indian artifacts. He has a 2 section hunting lease that is very close to one of the main rivers used by both Indians and Military alike. We had walked over a mile with our detectors all the while looking for flint chips, and we hadn't seen...
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    16 oz Mr. Cola

    Hey guys and gals, any of you acl soda collectors ever heard of a 16 oz Mr. Cola? White acl , also embossed on the shoulder Mr. Cola. Looks to be a 60's-70's bottle. I know nothing about modern soda's but I had not seen this one as a kid and it caught my eye in an antique shop the other day...

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