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    figural cologne pontil going cheaply

    Can't remember which one this is but it is a good one and only at 9.99 with less than three days left.
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    red book 11

    Hi,Anyone buy the new Red Book 11, yet? I am trying to determine if I want/need it. Any great disparities in price?I have noticed antiquities, in general, have been going down in prices. I was wondering if it has hit the general collecting of bottles? The rare and unusual still are going up, I...
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    Another utility jar or apothecary if you prefer

    Won this at an auction for 9 dollars and some change on the 20th of this month. I just love the color and the craftsmanship involved in these old vessels. Now to find a cork big enough to fit.Joel
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    looking for Harpers whiskey from the 1800's

    Does anyone have a Harpers Whiskey bottle from the 1800's I could see. I am trying to verify what it looks like and eventually will buy one for my old Army buddy who's Great Grandmother was the lady who owned it. She and her husband started the brand, divorced. She took the girls and he took the...
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    Moxie Nerve Food given to me

    [attachment=bottles eBay 164.JPG] [attachment=bottles eBay 173.JPG]MOXIE NERVE FOODI was given this Moxie a few years ago. Never been into sodas but this apparently wasn't a refreshment it was a medicine and food. I see there are some Moxie lovers here so I thought I would share. Maybe you can...
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    happy birthday to: Henny7, mgn5553 and TWH 1475.Ep
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    Any idea the age and origin of these two large apothecary jars. There was no top with them when I purchased them many years ago. The bottom looks like a mold of some kind though there are no radial or side seams. The top is definitely tooled. No pontil, no seams but there is a centric turn on...
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    For all of us who think we have it bad. http://www.youtube.com/embed/qiLDMBDPCEY?rel=0
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    Old Food Jar or Utility Jar

    I love these old jars for some reason. This one has some size to it. It is 8 and 1/2 inches tall and has a tooled topper. Olive Amber in color and tooled outward rolled lip. Open pontil on bottom. Still not sure what glasshouse it (they) come from. Also, Red said these are colonial, though I...
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    Concentric Eagle Flask

    Authentic or Italian Reproduction?Joel
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    Which Glasshouse Produced This Honey Amber Jar?

    To Whom It May Concern,It is round, open pontil, though smoothed apparently or refired. It has the twists I have seen in mid-western glasshouses. I was hoping someone may recognize it and send me in the right direction. The top knob has been cut off or "tooled" as has the rounded out rim. I can...
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    Dr Stephen Jewett's Celebrated Bitters Bottle

    Nice piece of glass though a very high opening bid expected. $4000!! This may bring that much if it were a lower opening bid but it will probably sit on the same shelf it has been for a while longer. http://www.ebay.com/itm/D...n-Pontil-/121319726828
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    Repair this - Show us your biggest heartbreak

    Here is a small cathedral sauce bottle I pulled out of an 1800-1870 privy a few years back. I worked hard to get it out of the stuff, as it was pontil up and looked like an intact keeper. An hour later the truth was revealed. I saved as many of the pieces as I could and never got rid of the...
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    Puce or Altered Apothecary?

    A new acquisition for the collection. I am not a supporter of altering colors of glass because it brings suspicion to most anything different, especially purple. I purchased this to add to my 1840-1860-ish apothecary collection. I watched it for along time before I decided it was not irradiated...
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    wonder why this isn't getting openers?

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    Jars interest - Great Beehive

    I thought you other Jar enthusiasts would like to watch this auction or even get involved with it. It is a 388.99 with 22 hours to go. Nice jar. Very clean. http://www.ebay.com/itm/S...mp;hash=item58abbb05a0Andhttp://www.ebay.com/itm/U...mp;hash=item58abbb3f5a
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    GVIII-2 Keene Sunburst most awesome green

    Very nice piece and already at $888. One I think I will watch from the side line.http://www.ebay.com/itm/G...mp;hash=item35d1feeeafJoel
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    Greg Spurgeon Auctions - Couple of Colored Lightnings

    Anyone who loves jars must love Greg Spurgeon. He puts together some excellent auctions which I always support if at all possible. He usually has quite a few high end jars but he also has very nice jars that one can pick up reasonably inexpensive. I appreciate his efforts. He is kind of the...
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    New (to me) colored Lightning Jars

    One of two jars I got at auction from Greg Spurgeon. Golden Yellow Amber!Ep
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    story in union leader NH collectors want national bottle show

    Great story about George Michael of New Boston, and others who collect various bottles and are involved in getting a national show going for NH. Good reading! Thought you would enjoy it.: http://www.unionleader.co...WHAMPSHIRE09/130119625

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