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    A little help ?

    A friends father passed away recently and he called me and said he had some Mission soda bottles. I drove over to offer my condolences and advise him on what he might have. Most I think are common. But he did have a few with the city names on them. Help dating and if the city's are desirable. I...
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    Really ?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/181434316085 I can't stop crying from laughing so hard !???? I think I saw this one a while back !???? <Edit: Link activated>
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    Happy Birthday Robert ! (Spirit Bear)

    Man, I can't believe I missed it ! I've gotta take a vacation and go digging ! Hope you had a good one Robert ! May the bottles pop out of the ground like popcorn ! Mitch
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    Recent pickups !

    First a Monroe Bottling Works Monroe La. Slug plate tooled crown. Antique store find. Second P. Farrell / 180 No Main St, Pawtucket R. I. Registered This bottle not to be sold. Blob finish. This one was a surprise here in a Shreveport antique store ! Found a little info on it on the R. I...
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    Belford Kates blob ?

    I found this bottle this past weekend at a flea market. I've searched and searched and find nothing. At first I thought soda or beer, but now I'm thinking mag citrate maybe ? It was with a bunch of New Jersey druggist bottles. In script on the front is Belford Kates / Millville / New Jersey...
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    Found a very interesting site !

    Found this site while I was looking for something else. Has some interesting sketches of early English and French glass houses. Lots of pics of glass blowing processes from 1908 to about the 1920. Has some info and pics on insulators, knobs, glass bricks and vault lights. Check it out if you...
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    Jamestown discovery !

    Pretty interesting, they found the remains of four men. One was buried with a silver box. I'm still looking for a pic of said box. http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-33680128
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    Druggist and whiskey !

    Worked out a purchase/swap with John (Nevadabottles) for these two. First a very nice Thaxter druggist from Carson City Nevada. This one goes in my 50 state druggist collection. It had no issues other than some inside cloudiness. Nothing a little bar keepers friend, sand and elbow grease ,took...
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    Whiskeys for sale !

    Sadly gotta make some room for more bottles. I mainly concentrate on flask, so I would like to sell these here. Pic of all three. All BIM with tooled tops. Embossing on each. Schlesinger & Bender Inc./ Pure/ California/ Wines/&/ Brandies San Francisco,Cal. Net Contents 25 OZ Amber, one small...
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    Bryants Bitters on eBay

    If you have never seen one here it is ! Wish it was mine ! :) http://m.ebay.com/itm/351444519206?nav=SEARCH
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    Toledo Brewing & Malting Co. LTD

    Saw this one today but I don't know much about beers. I tried to research it but the LTD. Is skipped in the time lines I found. Can anybody pin a date down. Only other one I can find is on Bruce's site. #12 under Ohio. Is in fair shape and the price is low. 20$. I have an aqua quart size and...
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    Pinch Decanter and Cobalt Pistol

    Picked these up this past weekend. The pistol I'm sure is a candy container. The pinch bottle I know nothing about. Seams on all three sides that disappear at the base of the neck. Ground neck for stopper. 9 1/2 inches tall. It looks like the designs were done with a cutting wheel of some kind...
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    Bert Dewitt

    Anybody heard from Bert. He hasn't logged in in five weeks. I'm kinda worried about him. If anybody knows anything.......... Mitch
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    Finally !!!!! A Shreveport Hutch

    So Saturday about 4:30 one of the antique shops I frequent calls me and asks, "You collect Shreveport bottles, right ?" Yes I said, turns out he has this hutch a guy brought in this morning. He closes in 30 minutes. I'm too far away to make it in time. I ask him to describe it. Embossed "...
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    Welsh's, Thrill and Electric Beverages ?

    I saw these at one of the local antique stores and wondering I f anyone knows anything about them. They are all art deco. Welsh's/ Drinks Of Quality/ 9 FL. OZS. Bottom embossed Texarkana Texas[attachment=image(FG).jpg] Thrill/ Trademark Bottom embossed Lime Cola Bottling Works/ Atlanta then a...
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    Thank you to all veterans !

    This is my wife's grand father, Wayne Morgan. Enlisted June,24 1940. After training on the very first 240mm Howitzer regiment, he shipped out from Newport Virginia on December 23, 1943. They landed in North Africa, stayed 2 weeks then on to the invasion of Italy. His regiment supported the push...
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    Pontils on on Post !

    Took a couple pics of my pontils. Demijohn $35, barber or dresser bottle $5, Dr. Hoofland's bitters $20 and Taylor & Moore bear grease pomade $3. Owning pieces of history....... Priceless ! [attachment=image(UW).jpg] [attachment=image.jpg]
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    A Good Day at the antique store !

    Went to an antique store about 30 miles from home. Never been in it before. Pic heavy ! First up, A Merry Christmas flask and a McCullough's drug store, Carthage Ill. [attachment=image(BL).jpg] [attachment=image.jpg]
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    A 5 Dollar Deal !

    Found these at a flea market. Could not pass them up for five bucks. A back bar bottle, ground for a stopper, has seams, painted ducks pretty faded. My daughter is going the repaint them. Them a turn mold whiskey, polished pontil ? Last a coffin SCA. No damage on any except for the painted...
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    Arctic Frost Bite Cure

    Some of you guys may remember this old post. http://www.antique-bottle...e-Display-m661598.aspx They have dried out and are ready to sell if any of you guys want one. They will come with the box. It looks like the labels will stay on. The bottom is embossed ( W T & Co/2/USA) There are two on...

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