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    stretched or not..7up

    Here's some more pics of the Kist. I would definitely say hand made. Etching was done after the bottle was put together. The top line says 2 fl oz. it is 91/2 inches tall. The mold lines disappear half way down the neck, so it was defiantly stretched. To add to the confusion there are lines...
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    A little help ?

    They do have the Good House Keeping Seal. The guy I got these from has more, there packed away in a barn right now. When I go back we will pull them all out. Then he wants to sell them. Thanks for all the info guys ! I will post them and offer them here for sale when we pull them out ! Mitch
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    stretched or not..7up

    The reason for the above post, if we look at Bob's post on page 2 of the metal sleeve the opening is just right to see that fill line without having to remove it from the production line. I think the different lines just meant different sizes of bottles. Of course the really tall examples might...
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    stretched or not..7up

    I think your on to something there Andy. My Kist example is etched for 3 different amounts, possibly for the different sizes of the bottles. And it is tall enough for the 28oz bottle. Just thinking 😯 Mitch
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    A little help ?

    A friends father passed away recently and he called me and said he had some Mission soda bottles. I drove over to offer my condolences and advise him on what he might have. Most I think are common. But he did have a few with the city names on them. Help dating and if the city's are desirable. I...
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    stretched or not..7up

    Posted this one a while back. Thanks for the info Bob!????[attachment=image.jpg]
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    a long dig , but a fun one.

    That's too bad. Better digging than I've been doing lately ! None ???? lol
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    a long dig , but a fun one.

    Nice ! I like the lady figurine, what was it ?
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    Labeled Jack Daniels Flask, reproduction?

    I'm with you Andy, I would definitely take a chance on it !
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    Labeled Jack Daniels Flask, reproduction?

    Pre-pro.com confirms Gunter as a distiller of Jack Daniels at that address in 1904. http://www.pre-pro.com/mi...vendor.php?vid=BNA4357
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    Spike it soda, you like it? Southern distribution?

    Here's my art-deco Thrill from Atlanta Texas. A search didn't come up with much. Here's the link. http://www.antique-bottle...Beverages-m676927.aspx [attachment=image.jpg]
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    Two word game

    Re: RE: Two word game Course correction
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    Two word game

    Re: RE: Two word game Try the soda section with your question and include a photo if possible. And welcome to the forum, David. This is just a silly game some of play ! Time passes
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    My New Favorite Bottle.

    Congrats Leon, very nice indeed !
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    1930s Town Dump Dig Video

    Cool dig Taylor ! What was the green soda in the middle bottom row first pic ?
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    Happy Anniversay

    My Jackson Mississippi version. (Light blue) [attachment=image.jpg]
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    Stearns' Tonic: Boxed, Labeled, Embossed, Tooled, With Contents and Pamphlet

    That's cool Robert, I didn't know there was a mid-sized version. If that's a physicians sample, what was the small size ? Free sample ?
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    Milk box and milks Stocker Bros Dairy

    That is so cool ! That box is in great shape ! What year do you think it's from ?
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    Weekend finds. Dug & purchased

    Cool, Creepy, Clown, Creekwalker ! Lol I would have to sell it. I showed it to the wife and she said no way it would be in her house ! Double Cola should clean up nice. Mitch

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