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  1. logan.the.collector

    New Local Bottle came in today

    Just got a new local bottle from Ebay, an 1890s Frank McCloskey blob top from Tupper Lake, N.Y. Its the second champagne style shaped McCloskey bottle I own, but I also have the matching hutch variant, and two partnership bottles (one with Lebouf and one with Isaac Merkel). The bottom photo...
  2. logan.the.collector

    On to the next bottle/insulator

    I'll add onto that actually. I've always thought sort of the same thing since I started collecting... we really collect things that someone threw away back in the day. I just think its amazing though how much things have changed to make even trash from 100 years ago turn into treasure today. For...
  3. logan.the.collector

    On to the next bottle/insulator

    I gotta be honest, for me if its not local the charm of when I first get a bottle wears off too. Sometimes I forget what I have.
  4. logan.the.collector

    New Local Rarities for the Collection!

    Yeah I know. I appreciate the info as always
  5. logan.the.collector

    New Local Rarities for the Collection!

    Actually, I found out it means 100-250 known. I find that quite odd actually but oh well. Its one of two examples I have seen in 11 years and the only other one was online so I'm still happy to have got it even though its not as rare as I thought
  6. logan.the.collector

    New Local Rarities for the Collection!

    Thanks! Is scare 10 to 100 examples known or under 10? I'm unfamiliar with Porter's scale. I know on Hutchbook R is under 10 so I assume it would mean S is 10 to 100?
  7. logan.the.collector

    New Local Rarities for the Collection!

    Today I got my first ever Christmas Coke from my hometown- a 1936 from Tupper Lake, NY. I believe it's listed as R or R+ in the Coke book and it's the first I've ever seen besides one photo of one that sold ages ago online. I also got the second ever known JE Laramay milk bottle from Tupper Lake...
  8. logan.the.collector

    WTB/WTT Tupper Lake, NY Bottles Wanted (Specific Brands)

    There are four specific brands of Tupper Lake, NY I am missing that would complete my set of known brands. I would be interested in purchasing any of these four brands: Austin's Pharmacy (Tupper Lake) Blue Ribbon Dairy (Tupper Lake JCT) PH McCarthy (milk) (Tupper Lake) West End Brewing Company...
  9. logan.the.collector

    New ACL Sodas for the Collection

    Very cool bottles! The Double Cola JR is even harder to find too.
  10. logan.the.collector

    New ACL Sodas for the Collection

    I bet it was a competitor of Canada Dry that Double Cola made.
  11. logan.the.collector

    New ACL Sodas for the Collection

    Just got some nice sodas from a friend in Indiana yesterday! Double Colas from Evansville IND, a beautiful Triple A Root Beer from Oklahoma City, a St Louis Double Dot Pepsi, a Muncie IND embossed Dr Pepper (my first Dr Pepper), a Double Dry, and a Double Cola from Rome GA.
  12. logan.the.collector


    I actually just submitted these ones to hutchbook today haha. Appreciate it though
  13. logan.the.collector


    Thanks! And kind of, Tupper Lake Junction is an older name for the region near the railroad station where I live. We still refer to it as that but it actually used to be considered the village of Faust, NY as I have mentioned in some previous posts. Its all simply Tupper Lake now. Tupper Lake...
  14. logan.the.collector


    Wow... what a year it's been already for my local collection- and it's not even February! Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with another collector from the Upstate New York region and he sold me hutches from Tupper Lake and Tupper Lake Junction! The clear Propp & Pimstein is a nice...
  15. logan.the.collector

    Any insight

    The whiskey is 1932-1964 if it says that I believe.
  16. logan.the.collector

    My very first dug bottle ever

    Everyone starts somewhere. My first bottle was a 1967 8 ounce Pepsi swirl ACL in 2010. Eleven years and probably 100+ dug quality bottles, and maybe 500 total, here we are. Keep looking and you'll have a pile yourself! Thanks for sharing
  17. logan.the.collector

    Wanted: to buy

    I'd offer you mine if I had any, but I don't unfortunately.
  18. logan.the.collector

    My Local Slug Plate Collection, Dec 2019 vs Jan 2021

    Thank you! And yeah, I'm not sure if that was just the way the photo came out or if they are amethyst. The Donovan's crown top definitely is though. These are all much to rare to keep outside though so they will stay these colors forever. I just take them outside for some nice photos. Always...

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