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  1. iggyworf

    Picked up 4 more 7-up Bottles.

    Love em! I have all those cities except the Republic also.
  2. iggyworf


    8 o 10 in here in SE Michigan. Maybe 35 degrees nxt wk. Wooooo!
  3. iggyworf

    KIST 28 oz lunkers!

    These are the 28oz size.
  4. iggyworf

    One For The 'TEEM'

    Let us know when you list your bottles.
  5. iggyworf

    7up 'White Swimsuit Girl' bottle

    Look at the bottom of the bottle for any markings. That bottle has seen better days.
  6. iggyworf


    Nice photo!
  7. iggyworf

    Date this Paper Label Pepsi?

    I'm thinking early 1940's although I know nothin about that glass co.
  8. iggyworf

    Dr Pepper bottle

    I also agree. Not original bottle with label. Looks a little like a wine bottle.
  9. iggyworf

    Twitchell Philadelphia PA.

    Never seen a 'Top Hat' before. Very cool!
  10. iggyworf

    Orange Crush - The Grand Slam

    Beautiful run of Crush's!
  11. iggyworf

    Fantasy ALC on 1968 32 oz Coca Cola Bottle

    Very odd, especially on a 32 oz bottle. Never have seen anything like it. Prob a one off type of bottle.
  12. iggyworf

    Pop Shoppe - Quick Read

    Funny thing, I just posted some Chapmans bottles from Michigan. And there is a Canadian co with same name. There is also a 'Pop Shop' brand from Port Huron Mi. I have a few of the bottles. Not exact but almost.
  13. iggyworf

    Chapman's new local 6 pack

    Yeah they are all marked Saginaw on front or back. Thanx embe! Here is another style of the one from Canada.
  14. iggyworf

    Chapman's new local 6 pack

    I think this is the one from Canada. Thanx RCO and everybody!
  15. iggyworf

    Chapman's new local 6 pack

    Yes, clearly on the bottles. Saginaw Mi.
  16. iggyworf

    Chapman's new local 6 pack

    Here is a cool local 6 pack I recently got. 'Chapman's Beverages' from Saginaw Michigan. I am pretty sure I have the variations of bottles they put out but I didn't have any carriers. This came up on a local bidding site. I think I won it for less than 15$. Yrs ago I tried looking for info on...
  17. iggyworf

    New Hutch's Added.

    Awesome! I have some AL Joyce bottles but not a hutch.
  18. iggyworf

    Lucky Strike-Mission Orange crate and more

    Congrats! Like that Mnt Dew.
  19. iggyworf

    Can any one identify this

    I agree, possibly 7up.

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