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  1. logan.the.collector

    New Local Bottle came in today

    Just got a new local bottle from Ebay, an 1890s Frank McCloskey blob top from Tupper Lake, N.Y. Its the second champagne style shaped McCloskey bottle I own, but I also have the matching hutch variant, and two partnership bottles (one with Lebouf and one with Isaac Merkel). The bottom photo...
  2. logan.the.collector

    New Local Rarities for the Collection!

    Today I got my first ever Christmas Coke from my hometown- a 1936 from Tupper Lake, NY. I believe it's listed as R or R+ in the Coke book and it's the first I've ever seen besides one photo of one that sold ages ago online. I also got the second ever known JE Laramay milk bottle from Tupper Lake...
  3. logan.the.collector

    WTB/WTT Tupper Lake, NY Bottles Wanted (Specific Brands)

    There are four specific brands of Tupper Lake, NY I am missing that would complete my set of known brands. I would be interested in purchasing any of these four brands: Austin's Pharmacy (Tupper Lake) Blue Ribbon Dairy (Tupper Lake JCT) PH McCarthy (milk) (Tupper Lake) West End Brewing Company...
  4. logan.the.collector

    New ACL Sodas for the Collection

    Just got some nice sodas from a friend in Indiana yesterday! Double Colas from Evansville IND, a beautiful Triple A Root Beer from Oklahoma City, a St Louis Double Dot Pepsi, a Muncie IND embossed Dr Pepper (my first Dr Pepper), a Double Dry, and a Double Cola from Rome GA.
  5. logan.the.collector


    Wow... what a year it's been already for my local collection- and it's not even February! Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with another collector from the Upstate New York region and he sold me hutches from Tupper Lake and Tupper Lake Junction! The clear Propp & Pimstein is a nice...
  6. logan.the.collector

    My Local Slug Plate Collection, Dec 2019 vs Jan 2021

    My local slug plate collection has come a long way. Super proud of these ones. Dec 2019 Jan 2021
  7. logan.the.collector

    Chicago mug base hutch

    My friend from Louisiana traded me a blue mug base hutch from Chicago for a nice selection of coins. Gotta say I am not disappointed- my first mug base hutch in the collection! My 6th hutch though, and only one not from New York.
  8. logan.the.collector

    My only intact local medicine bottle - with some amazing history

    I bought this local LC Maid medicine bottle two years ago at the antique store. I do a lot of research about my town and I wanted to share this story. LC Maid was a businessman who came to Tupper Lake in 1897 and operated where our First National Bank now stands until 1899. That year, like many...
  9. logan.the.collector

    First Antique Store Visit in 2021

    Bought some random bottles yesterday at an antique barn. None local but all close to home in Upstate NY that are marked. The North Bangor milk is from a tiny hamlet near Malone, NY.
  10. logan.the.collector

    Not Exactly Bottles, but My First Additions of 2021

    Some common insulators I was given today. I like the Hemingray 40 the most. All three are very common, but they are in good shape at least. Nice to know people are looking out for me and save this stuff though. First additions of the new year.
  11. logan.the.collector

    Blue Coke Hobbleskirts made in Rochester, NY

    Thought these were worth a post. Patent 1915 Hobbleskirt Cokes made by Reed Glass Company in Rochester, NY- in a nice blue color. One definitely more blue than the other.
  12. logan.the.collector

    Franklin Dairy Slug Plates - Faust, NY

    I know I talk about these a lot on here but this is the first photo of my three Franklin Dairy slug plates all together. All from the defunct town of Faust that was absorbed by Tupper Lake, NY. 1939, 1940, and 1942. I have always found it interesting how slug plates lasted a lot longer on milk...
  13. logan.the.collector

    Just discovered my local hutch is listed as "R" in the Hutchbook...

    No better feeling than finding out I have one of only 10 or less known Frank McCloskey hutches from Tupper Lake, NY. I always assumed it was pretty rare but expected it to be listed as scarce over rare. Pretty ecstatic right now. This bottle was given to me by a local digger on June 29, 2019...
  14. logan.the.collector

    Happy New Year Everyone! (My first bottle photography of the year).

    My first bottle photo taken in 2021. Hope everyone has a great new year.
  15. logan.the.collector

    Interesting local Orange Crush bottles from 1922.

    I have had these since 2013 or 2014 when I was a pretty young collector, and about a year later I made a stunning connection. These are two 1922 Orange Crush bottles with a "PROPP'S" embossing on the bottom. While they do not say Tupper Lake, NY anywhere on the bottle our most prominent bottler...
  16. logan.the.collector

    Repainting ACLs

    Recently I started repainting some local ACL milks that I dug between 2018 and 2020. They aren't perfect but they look really nice from a normal viewing distance on the shelf. Here are some photos!
  17. logan.the.collector


    I have always been fascinated with tiny gills, aka the quarter pint- and I finally got a hold of one this year. Its a 1942 Altamont Milk Co Slug Plate from Carthage, NY. Would have been cooler if it was one from my hometown where the company started, but not bad for my first one!
  18. logan.the.collector

    Anyone like to collect milk crates?

    Here is an Altamont Milk Co. Crate from Tupper Lake, NY I bought this year. Who else collects crates?
  19. logan.the.collector

    Another Rare Local Bottle For The Collection

    Just got this bottle in the mail from Ebay. 1942 Franklin Dairy slug plate from the defunct town of Faust, NY that was absorbed by Tupper Lake in 1940. The name must have stuck for a bit longer.
  20. logan.the.collector

    One of a kind milk bottles from Upstate NY added to the collection

    I just traded for these rare milk bottles, both local from Tupper Lake, NY. One is from Tupper Lake JCT which is our downtown region near the train station. The RC Whitman is made by a glass company that was only around from 1910-1919 and the JE Laramay was made by a company that lasted from...

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