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  1. slugplate

    Eyeballed a Cool Find

    Found this on a bank of a creek. The area it was discovered dates back to late 1600's Dutch Settlers. Of course I know it's not from that time frame, most likely Civil War Era. Not rare, but a sweet example.
  2. slugplate

    Nice 1939 NY World's Fair Glass Bank

    Found this exploring a bottle dump. It was a glass block coin bank with the back broken off... obviously to get the coins. The embossing is amazing and regardless of its current state, it is certainly a keeper.
  3. slugplate

    Some Of My February Finds

    Here's some pics of a site I've been exploring and some of finds which will give you an idea of how varied the dump site is. The vast range of years for the finds is quite large. You see some from the 1860s and some from around 1940s & 1950s. I also found some hutches and blob top beers.
  4. slugplate


    Today I was out hunting new bottle sites and saw this broken soda/water bottle, base was broken off, from the 1850s or 1860s lying on a bank. The ledge was ten feet below me and a river just below that. It's 24 degrees today and I didn't feel like getting wet. It's the green bottle down below...
  5. slugplate

    It's Been A While

    Sorry guys, I haven't been on for while. I was a maniac in the last 3 weeks putting together vids for my channel. I try to upload some stills later on.
  6. slugplate

    My Last Two Weeks Bottle Hunting

    As you may know I’ve started my own YouTube channel and I wanted to show you some of my finds during filming
  7. slugplate

    Finds During My Last Hunt

    Top to bottom/Left to right 1st photo - A "SLS" embossed Leibman blob top beer from NY (pretty common in these parts) -A small stamped English saucer, "Vanadium/Made in England/Hotel Ware" -A scarce NJ blob top "Pingitore & Vincelli/Bottlers/Long Branch...
  8. slugplate

    Back At The Trash Pit

    Some tasty little morsels here. Was out shooting some vids and took this screen shot. There were dozens more bottles out of frame... all 30s-40s stuff. Bottles, bottles everywhere but none to keep.
  9. slugplate

    YouTube Videos

    Hi all, as I mentioned last week I am starting a new YouTube channel under the pseudonym, "Bottle Hawk". I would greatly appreciate if you'd give them a look. Please smash the like button and subscribe as I am trying to build a following. I will be bringing many more videos in the future. I have...
  10. slugplate

    Cut Copper Wire For Cleaning Bottles

    Hi all. Some have enquired about cutting copper wire for cleaning the inside of bottles. Here is a brief way to get produce your own copper without having to pay for them. All you need is wire, a razor knife, a wire cutter. Step One - using the razor knife, strip the sheath from the copper wire...
  11. slugplate

    Beginning a You Tube Channel

    Hi all, I just want to let you know I will began taping my first channel video this weekend. My channel name is Bottle Hawk and I hope you can all visit me. I have come across so many good places that I'd like to document how I find bottles. dig them and uncover them. I will also be giving a...
  12. slugplate

    Uranium Glass

    I also picked this salt shaker yesterday on a berm that separates Raritan Bay from a marsh area. It's my first whole piece of uranium glass I've found. It's pretty heavy for its size and I'm shocked it still has the cap on it.
  13. slugplate

    Today's Discoveries From The Beach

    The first three are a sign, .38 cal. bullet, and an ampule. The ampule scared the crap out of me and I brought it to the Park Service for disposal. Usually those ampules contain narcotics like morphine. The next is a "Lubin Parfumeur Paris", a Bordens Qt. Milk Bottle
  14. slugplate

    It Comes With The Territory

    I've been hunting this old military base for bottles for a long time. The things I come across are sometimes very interesting. I've found the nose detonator for an artillery projectile and, believe it or not, a live 75mm round. I called the police, who called the bomb squad that later detonated...
  15. slugplate

    Very First Bottle Find

    Here is my treasured bottle. It was my first bottle find (1999) and I've been on a hunting and digging frenzy ever since. Not bad for the first "keeper" bottle I ever found. A sought after, pictorial Schaefer blob top.
  16. slugplate

    Remembering Our First Bottle Find

    Do you remember finding your very first bottle? Mine was a Schaefer "Barrel" blob top beer I found in the Spring of 1999 purely by accident. That find had me addicted from the moment I found it. Twenty years later I have dug or hunted over 200 keeper bottles and I'm proud to say I have worked...
  17. slugplate

    Rubsam and Horrmann Blob

    I found this blob top bottle hunting this morning. Now I have two variants of it. As you can see it was a partially buried surface find.
  18. slugplate

    Tooled Crown Top?

    I found this digging the other day and just cleaned it late last night. It's a Jacob Onuschak from Northampton, PA. Strangely, the seam ends about 3/4" from the lip, twist marks on the neck, and tool marks around the neck by the lip. Pardon my ignorance because I've never found one, but do you...
  19. slugplate

    Seeking Vintage Red Bank and/or Highlands Bottles

    If anyone has blob top ponies, squats or hutches from the towns of Red Bank or Highlands, NJ, and you're considering selling one, please give me a shout. Thanks.
  20. slugplate

    Special Guest Stars Dig

    This Sunday, I have invited the Jersey History Hunters to my site. They are a YouTube team that will be filming and posting the dig/hunt on their YouTube channel. They are New Jersey artifact and bottle collectors and they'll be swinging coils over the area. Check them out.

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