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    Iridescence - Patina

    Getting ready to move and downsize my collections. Taking pictures for sale. Just thought I'd share some pix.
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    Found a rare Bitter's bottle.

    It is listed in Ring-Ham Supplement at $300+. That means double that today in my opinion. I know folks who would be interested if you are going to sell it or it would go great in a major auction. Jim S
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    My smallest bottle yet! Kidney-Liver Pills

    Actually I believe there were originally 4 pills due to the spacing. But, what does it really matter. Jim S
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    I found this mason!

    coreya, does the large cross appear in the Red Book or is this possibly an anomaly?
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    New Member from Australia

    Welcome to the forums Van. I'm always happy to see a collector from Australia come aboard. I specialize in WAW-WAW sauce bottles which are occasionally found there as well as other places. If you now or ever have any available I am in the market. Jim S
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    Screw top versus a cap changed when?

    The earliest known screw top glass container is 1858, John Mason's fruit jars. Jim S
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    What are these bottles?

    Those are actually miniature whiskey jugs given away by individual whiskey sellers, bars and saloons, not distilleries, in the 1880 - 1920 period as advertising. They are VERY collectible but their value depends on rarity and desirability. Location is quite important, those don't appear to have...
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    My smallest bottle yet! Kidney-Liver Pills

    That's one I don't have in my "Free Sample" collection. It has been opened at one time because there are only two pills left. Is it Canadian? It probably dates to the first quarter if the 20th century. Jim S
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    White Star Bottling Company Detroit MI

    Leon (hemihampton) should know something about this one. Jim S
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    My first local pharmacy

    Although most "Mortar & Pestle" pharmacy bottles are considered not that desirable by some collectors, that one is quite attractive. Jim S
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    Little bottles, lots of embossing

    While going through and taking pictures of my "Littles" & "Free Sample" collections I decided to share a couple which have a LOT of embossing. Well, not this one but I can't figure out how to delete. Here's oneand another. 2 3/8" tall
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    Big Chief ACL Sodas

    How about a PRISTINE 6 1/2 oz., non-ACL from Idaho Falls, ID for CHEAP? PM me. Jim S
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    1700's Trash Pit

    That is what it looks like to me and I've seen a lot of them. My Son-in-Law is a blacksmith. However. I think 1700s MAY be optimistic. I hope not for your sake. Jim S
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    Two Bottles - Ambler Bottle & Kraft Bottle

    A beer and a food container, some sort of condiment I suspect. Vintage 1960 - 70. Jim S
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    Picked up a few new ones at Bottle show Today.

    I guess there are advantages to living in a populated area, lots of bottles available and lots of variety. Jim S
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    I found these in a box!

    That's nice stuff, especially for that sort of find. Jim S
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    Dr. JC Bouge Sherman, TX

    Welcome to the forums. I believe you have the dating correct simply by the shape of what we see. Jim S
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    Buffalo Soldier dump

    Welcome back. We haven't heard from you in awhile. Jim S
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    WANTED: B Tuma Apothecary Chemist New Orleans Bottles

    It's been a few years, you might try sending them a PM.

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