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  1. moltke_woods

    I can’t go digging so I might as well buy some bottles. (UPDATED WITH PHOTOS)

    The last thing I like to do is spend money on bottles when I can dig them for free but there’s to much snow to dig and I think i see some local beer bottles in this bunch that I’ve been after for a few years. Going to the guys house today to take a look and really hope those aqua bottles are...
  2. moltke_woods

    Economy Jar

    Dug my oldest jar about a month ago, it was also my first time ever seeing this jar and my first time digging a non screw top jar. I’m usually pretty good about not damaging anything well I’m digging but this time one of the tips on my rake must have just caught the lip of the jar before I...
  3. moltke_woods

    Say fifers for finest flavor

    My oldest can find. It was tucked inside of a larger can when I found it so it was in decent shape! Would soaking it in lemon juice be a good way to clean the rust spots?
  4. moltke_woods

    Should I be worried?

    Since getting into the hobby of bottle digging and collecting I’ve had some concerns about getting in trouble for my hobby. I found my first bottle in a dried up creek in a public park in ohio. It was a d pat. Coca Cola and since finding that first bottle I’ve been hooked. After that day I set...
  5. moltke_woods

    Cork tops & Commons

    Threw together another bottle digging video yesterday. All the video clips are from a video I started in the spring and never got around to finishing until yesterday! It’s a short video with some common finds in it but it’s still enjoyable to watch none the less. My favorite finds were a small...
  6. moltke_woods

    Ghost Town Gold (TV Show on Netflix)

    Hey everybody! Just got home from work and decided to take a look on Netflix to see if there is any shows that have to do with antique bottles or some general treasure hunting. I came across a show called “Ghost Town Gold” and within the first 15 minutes of the show I see bottles at the first...
  7. moltke_woods

    I bet you haven't seen these before. (Local Bottles)

    Beck Beverage Company (Alpena, MI) - Surface Find. Beck Beverage Company (Alpena, MI) - Antique Store Find. Alpena Bottling Works (Alpena, MI) - Dump Find. John Dehring & Sons (Alpena, MI) - Dump Find. Fisch Brewery (Rogers City, MI) - Antique Store Find.
  8. moltke_woods

    Whats up with this beer bottle??

    has anyone ever seen something like this? The bottle was broken and laying on the surface when i found it. I am just curious to the age and why the bottom looks like this. thanks to anyone who can help!
  9. moltke_woods

    New YouTube Video! Bottle hunting in northern Michigan.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ald0uRR8OA&t=1s New video just uploaded! Come watch me find bottles, marbles, insulators & beach glass! I don't post very often but i do have a small selection of videos on my channel to check out. I have found some nice stuff in the past but not...
  10. moltke_woods

    Digging bottles in northern Michigan

    Wondering who’s in the northern Michigan area and interested in doing some bottle digging next spring/summer? I know of a few spots in my area but not much else I’m planning on looking for new spots as soon as winter breaks. thanks!
  11. moltke_woods

    Almost gave up and found a pre pro Detroit beer bottle

    Hey guys first post here. Thought my digging days were over for the year as it gets pretty cold and snowy here in northern Michigan this time of year. With a little bit of warmer temps and melting snow I decided to go dig some bottles after work. I went to my usual spot which is tough digging...

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