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    What's it worth?

    Anyone know what a Ten Pin, Blob Top Carl H. Schultz C-P M-S PAT. MAY 1868 NEW YORK, is worth? I am interested in selling on Ebay. Have at least 5 of them.
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    Friday night finds...well, a couple anyway

    hey all, I'm up at my in-laws house, and down the road is where I've been digging and exploring for a couple of weeks now. I'm here until Sunday night, so I have 3 days, now 2, to dig. I only found a few things tonight. I didn't bring the cables for my digital camera, so any pics will be...
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    More bottle pictures... Can anyone help identify them?

    Hi, Here are some more pictures of some bottles I've uncovered, and I've numbered the bottles and described each one...some of them, I need help figuring out what they are. 1: Could someone explain what this is?? it stands about 7 inches tall 2: Stands about 3 1/2 inches tall, and says...
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    Pictures of my finds

    Found these about a week and a half ago, I've finally got around to posting some pics...here they are...I was going to put a list of what and each bottle says, but, if anyone has a question about one of them, just let me know and I'll post what the bottle says. Picture reduced in size -...
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    Another find... do you know what it is?

    Found this the other day. Not sure what it is. I have been told that it is milk glass and might be a salt or pepper dish but not sure. Can anyone help me?
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    new morning finds

    I went back out this morning, to a spot I posted about yesterday, and came across some more items...I pushed the surface dirt away and uncovered a few things, only 3 bottles, found a few pipes, a small vile that still had some powder in it, some silverware, and I dont know if its a drinking...
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    amazing find

    Hi, I live along the coast of Maine, and for the past few weeks we've had some major rain here. Today I noticed that the hills that run along the beach are starting to erode, as a result, it has unearthed more bottles than I could even immagine. I've counted at least 17 different types of...
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    What is this I have??

    Hi, I live along the coast of Maine, and I've recently come across a stockpile of old bottles and plates, at least 10 types of bottles, all in near mint condition, one in particular that I am curious about is a small bottle, about 6+ inches, its oval shaped, and has the mark "Carl H...

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