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  1. PlaneDiggerCam

    Beautiful night for a dig ! Hudge bottles ...what was in them?

    "Found these hudge things about 25 mins ago medical idk the first on tight from left big brown one on the bottom reads 8 on top 81(or possibly backwards 18)81-s-B then underneath that 14 oval interlaced with diamond then 2 lol the smaller brown one says just 69-s-B no mark the ginormous clear on...
  2. PlaneDiggerCam

    Anyone know what this is ?

    Could also be an English Marmalade crock from the late 19th century, although usually they seem a bit bigger.
  3. PlaneDiggerCam

    Dump Truck Finds

    Here in the oldest part of the country (New England) we dream to dig what you found, lol! Those cobalt blobs are amazing as is that hutch!
  4. PlaneDiggerCam

    More railway dump finds including an acl druggist!

    Here are some more finds from the railway dump l had found. Back left to right: Lavoris Chemical co, Kreml shampoo from Glastonbury, Conn. , Blue Label Ketchup, Pennick and Ford New Orleans, LA, a d a Stained Columbia Brand Ammonia. Front left to right: Elk platter and a marble, Pompeian...
  5. PlaneDiggerCam

    Railway dump and a short river hunt.

    Correct! One is older than the other! One has the Owen's mark on the base with a date code of 2 (32?) and the other has just a 29N on the base
  6. PlaneDiggerCam

    Railway dump and a short river hunt.

    Here is a close up of the world's fair bottle, CanadianBottles. I still need to get some of the stuck on rust removed though.
  7. PlaneDiggerCam

    Railway dump and a short river hunt.

    Yes the salt shaker is Uranium Glass and glows under blacklight.
  8. PlaneDiggerCam

    Bottles from the Somers CT show

    Got some nice bottles while attending the Somers CT Bottle Show! Left to Right: E.M. Ferry Essex, Conn. Blob, J.S. Birden & Co. Hartford mustard jar?, Chas. H. Rose Pharmacist Manchester, Conn. (W/ rose pictoral), The property of McNulty & Murphy Druggists Middletown, Conn. Aqua druggist...
  9. PlaneDiggerCam

    Railway dump and a short river hunt.

    Hello all! Here are some of my finds from some recent adventures... I stumbled across what I believe to be an old railway dump. Unfortunately it isn't very old, it barely gets to the early 1900s. However I found some good bottles and will be going back in search of local milks as this dump is...
  10. PlaneDiggerCam

    Broken bottles found on old site in Jamaica

    I was vacationing in Jamaica and there was an old sugar mill from the 1830s on the resort property. I also found some old looking shards near it, but nothing whole. I have a video of it on my YouTube channel: PlaneDiggerCam.
  11. PlaneDiggerCam

    What on earth pleade help !

    The bottles with the dimples help slippery contents probably soap. I have ones like those which are embossed Packer's Shampoo on the base.
  12. PlaneDiggerCam

    I'm 100% Stumped

    This is not a toilet float its a fishing float, just like the one on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/263821278800
  13. PlaneDiggerCam

    YouTube Channel Announcement

    After reading many posts on here about YouTube, I figured I'd reveal that I too have a channel. My channel: PlaneDiggerCam displays my many digging adventures. If you get a chance please check it out and subscribe, thanks!
  14. PlaneDiggerCam

    My Last Two Weeks Bottle Hunting

    Great finds, I enjoy your vids. Hope you find more for the future!
  15. PlaneDiggerCam

    Honey hole

    Looks like a good layer! Agreed, post more pics!
  16. PlaneDiggerCam

    Recently found these

    Is that a White House apple butter jar in the second to last picture? It would be base embossed if it is.
  17. PlaneDiggerCam

    Farm Dump Permission: Sodas, druggists, and more!

    Here are some more finds from my friend's 1920s farm dump. Back from Left to Right: Ball Ideal, Havens Bottling Works Westerly, R.I. quart crown, Sunlight Bleach Sunlight Chemical Corp. Phillipsdale R.I. , The Lee & Osgood Co. , and a Atwoods Bitters. Front from Left to Right: Purple glass...
  18. PlaneDiggerCam

    A glimpse into my collection (1) "The Wall"

    Yeah I believe that the Joslin Jug is for syrup (explains the pour spout top).
  19. PlaneDiggerCam

    YouTube Videos

    I subbed, also feel free to check out my channel (PlaneDiggerCam) :)

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