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    I need help with a bottle

    This bottle is from Clarksburg Brewing Company and I'm kind of stumped on it. Looked online for another bottle similar to mine and found one but there is some noticeable differences, such as in the head dress the first feather on top on mine ends under the "G" in Clarksburg, in the other bottle...
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    Set of Coca Cola Place mats

    Closest I've seen is a set of four. Any information welcomed.
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    Tell me how I did today

    Good, bad or did I lose on the bottles or break even. I'm fairly new to this and just am wanting advice. The most expensive was the porcelain marble at $4, I didn't spend over $10 on all of it.
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    What's Your Best Flea Market, Thrift Store, Yard Sale Find ?

    A lot of people go to Flea Markets, Thrift Stores and the such in hopes of finding something they feel is a good find. Let's hear your best finds bottle related or not. I know for me it was a yard sale find and I absolutely could not believe what in the box, but let's start with what I'd...
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    How to tell if it's a good place to look?

    I know for myself I like to walk creek and river banks and just look to see if there's anything that is interesting around the area like older types of junk and I like for it to be somewhat varied. I'm just trying to start a general banter and see what people think makes it a good spot to look...
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    Dump pictures.

    Pictures of the dump I'll post the description for each photo in the next post.
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    Farm dump help

    So I've been working a farm dump from the 1800s and its on the side of a hill, with large rocks in the way of course. I've only pulled one whole bottle from it in a year. I think I've got a rough outline of where it sat, with that being said, taking into consideration the large rocks and I'm...

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