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    Embossed Coca Cola in rich 7-up Green ?

    This embossed 7-up green Coca Cola continues to stump all of the Coke collectors who have seen it in hand. It is absolutely genuine and has been tested for dye colorization with razor test, acetone and acid testing, etc. and shows no indication of being nuked, heated, or artificially colored...
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    Earliest Style of Pontil Scars on Black Glass ?????

    Somewhere over the past few years, I read information discussing the earliest pontil scar styles on black glass going back to circa 1630-1680 or so. It was something about the differences between the sand pontils used in the production of early English onion bottles and the pontils used in even...
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    WANTED - Coca Cola 6 1/2 oz. embossed bottle with 62-11 date-mold code

    Trying to find one of these to confirm and compare with another bottle in my collection made in an unusual color. Thanks for any assistance..;.....
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    If You Have Seen One Embossed Coke Bottle, You've Seen Them All...........

    ........But now and then, something comes along that totally dashes your former beliefs. Here is a 6 1/2 ounce 1962 embossed Coca Cola that few have ever had the opportunity to see. Absolutely genuine, not dyed or stained, and some very knowledgeable in the hobby say it is the only one they...

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