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    Nj Hutchinsons for sale

    All three hutches are for sale together to save on shipping. Some scuffing on two of the bottles but no CRACKS or chips. $20 + shipping cost flat rate box.
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    Hutchinson sample bottle for sale

    Great condition. For sale
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    WTS E.duffy & son

    E.duffy and son 44 filbert st dyottville glassworks philada no chips or cracks. $225 includes shipping.
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    Nehi and Royal crown cans

    found these two today in a wall on a jobsite. Kinda rusted out but still fuels my treasure hunting inner self
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    Dyottville Brown stout iron pontil

    For sale $120 includes shipping
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    W.M. Rex 211 Green St. Iron pontil

    For sale $100 includes shipping
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    Geo. W. Flanagan smooth base

    For sale $60 includes shipping.
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    Pat D coca cola Bradenton fla

    Nothing special here, but felt like sharing more. Today at a garage sale I found a box of Pat.D Coca Cola bottles 12 from Bradenton Fla, 1 from Ft.Myers Fla, and 1 from Berlin Pa. I enjoy anything local even if they aren't rare.
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    Jacksonville Coca-Cola SS

    Found this hiking in Ft.White along the springs this weekend.
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    St. Augustine Fla meds

    Just thought I would share these three med bottles I forgot I had until I went through some old boxes in the attic. ( Smith & Woodman Dispensing Chemist St.Augustine Fla.)
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    Open pontil bottle I found

    Thought I would share .

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