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    Affordable Ground Penetrating Radar finally complete

    Wow this is very impressive technology. So is this using a series of pulses rather than creating a EMF?
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    I need help with a bottle

    This bottle is from Clarksburg Brewing Company and I'm kind of stumped on it. Looked online for another bottle similar to mine and found one but there is some noticeable differences, such as in the head dress the first feather on top on mine ends under the "G" in Clarksburg, in the other bottle...
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    How to tell if it's a good place to look?

    I am actually still digging in this particular dump, lots of big rocks and plenty of work but I hope that it will pay off. I have learned a little about digging and finding but I've still only pulled one whole bottle. I still go a couple of time a week and work on it for a few hours so I'm...
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    If there is leaves the trash may be hard to find, i would look in the bends of the canal if there is any as well. I like to look in sort of shallow water and see if there is anything visible from the top of the water.
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    Set of Coca Cola Place mats

    Closest I've seen is a set of four. Any information welcomed.
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    Barn finds!

    Wow those signs are top notch!
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    Tell me how I did today

    Thank you so very much.
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    Tell me how I did today

    Right I was talking with the wife earlier and the e-book could be an invaluable tool for thrift store, yard sale and antique shopping. I was talking with an bottle collector and he was saying that he uses Muncys for his bottle collecting but I've searched online and have not been able to find...
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    Tell me how I did today

    Yes I know flip antiques sometimes, but really I do more with what I find. Bottles was really just introduced to me in the past 2-3 years because I didn't know the potential in them, but I'm probably going to be collecting them primarily. As far as the Kovels goes do you have any experience with...
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    Tell me how I did today

    Lol I know I can be annoyance sometimes and I really do thank you all. I honestly and sincerely try not to make guesses or dumb comments on things that I don't know nothing about.
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    Tell me how I did today

    Im just trying to get a feel for what I'm doing exactly and what is reasonable and if I'm getting taken or not on an item. What I did was bought inside of my price range and tried to make deals like bundling together. I know I'm not ready to buy embossed bottles because of my lack of knowledge...
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    Tell me how I did today

    Good, bad or did I lose on the bottles or break even. I'm fairly new to this and just am wanting advice. The most expensive was the porcelain marble at $4, I didn't spend over $10 on all of it.
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    Two word game

    Whip it
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    Two word game

    Major Mud!
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    What's Your Best Flea Market, Thrift Store, Yard Sale Find ?

    Oh My Goodness!!! I believe I would've passed out on the spot not even joking. Was there any accounts of him being at the battles, like a diary or journal. Where I was born General Stonewall Jackson was raised there by his aunt and uncle I believe, but most of us know who he is and what he done...
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    East Coast snow storm!!

    I know myself I'm into Remote Controlled vehicles and am wanting to get another quadcopter, like a helicopter but is different. They have these that have on board flight footage with a camera that you can see in real time, so since i hunt rivers and creeks I thought it would be cool to maybe use...
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    East Coast snow storm!!

    That is very nice thing for you to do, we need more people out here that are willing to show kids why life is great! I know guys aren't really cat at all, I just that it's so cool to watch them go on about their lives with no problems at all. My wife had a cat before I came along and she was 16...
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    Cleveland LEMON bottle RARE? or NOT?

    That's pretty cool would they have used that in soda shops?
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    East Coast snow storm!!

    No kids here, I'm almost 40 and not only that but me and the wife decided before we even got married. I'm fine with that the cost of living is so high, we have 3 cats and their our babies, this springs project is building an outdoor play area for them, it'll be enclosed and will even have...
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    East Coast snow storm!!

    So do you go mudding in that bad boy? Sounds like it's setup pretty good for it!

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