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  1. RoyalRuby

    Todays grabs

    Day off, bored and snowing lol, good day to hit a couple tique shops, A couple of these are ones I saw previously and did some research on before buying, all were great prices, the solid lead/crystal Coke bottle is really cool, if any of you haven't seen or held one, they really stand out and...
  2. RoyalRuby

    Need help IDing two bottles and a stoneware bottle

    Ran across these today and wondered if I should grab them or not, the bigger green bottle looks like it is an oldie, the other green one I have no clue but looks like it could be original, same with the stoneware bottle, I'm still green (no pun intended..lol) in this area, so any help would be...
  3. RoyalRuby

    Bicentenial Fyfe & Drum bottles

    I guess I never paid close enough attention to these, now that I've looked closer, these were made in 16 different variations, I've walked by so many of these at antique shops never knowing that there are 16 different versions, most seamed over priced and probably were, but I have no clue...
  4. RoyalRuby

    looking for a close time frame on these bottles

    I'm guessing 1870's to 1890's, but hoping someone here can more closely pin-point a date of these Poth's Bock blob top bottles.
  5. RoyalRuby

    Etched lettering on early bottles

    Was letter etching a common practice on older bottles?, I snipped this pic off the bay for reference, I came across an old torpedo bottle that has etched lettering and wondered if it's real or was added foolishly later on by someone, still wondering if I should buy it or not, I know they aren't...
  6. RoyalRuby

    Cozadd & Ray Hutchinson from Sharon Pa.

    Picked this one up today on a whim, can't seam to find much info on it, was hoping some of you may know more about it.
  7. RoyalRuby

    A couple additions today

    An early Piels Bros, Miller/Becker, Grove City pop, Star Bottling Works, plus a Horlatcher Hutchinson style, and lastly a vintage Pyrex baby bottle with a leather nipple...lol, I've never seen one with a leather nipple, price was right so I grabbed it.
  8. RoyalRuby

    Question for the seasoned bottle diggers.

    Somewhat new to going out of my way to find bottles, seams that most of the dumps I find are old farm house dumps dating for the most part from the 1950's through the 1970's, which for me is fine as I mainly collect the "glass can" style bottles from the late 1950's on up, but it's seams by now...
  9. RoyalRuby

    Time period on this bitters bottle?

    Came across one of these and wondering an approximate date.

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