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    My first cobalt soda! Plus bowling pin milks, pictorial sodas, and druggist bottles!

    I've been having some great luck with Facebook Marketplace lately, but this one absolutely hit it out of the park. It seems like it's way better than Kijiji these days in terms of me actually being able to message the seller before someone else already has. Ended up with 12 Montreal bottles...
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    Local Druggist Bottles from Kijiji

    I just picked these up a little while ago from a guy selling off his collection on Kijiji (a site similar to Craigslist). They're all from Ottawa. Kijiji has gotten pretty good for bottles lately, I'm not sure if it was always like that or if I just lucked out by seeing some better posts right...
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    Cunningham Dry Ginger Ale, Arnprior Ontario

    I just picked this one up a couple days ago in that antique mall in Almonte. Anyone familiar with Ontario bottles ever heard of this company before? The bottle is label-only, I have no knowledge of any embossed bottles existing, but there could be some out there. I don't have any books on...
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    Interesting Logo on China - Railroad or Hotel?

    I found this bowl and lots of other china with this monogram on it in a dump with lots of other china from various hotels and railroads, unfortunately all broken. This one doesn't have the back half, but it still displays nice and I love old railroad and hotel china so I had to keep it. I...
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    Packard's Special Dressing

    Does anyone know anything about this bottle I found last summer? It has some of the crudest embossing I've ever seen. Looks like someone's first attempt at cutting a mold. All the S's are backwards and "Special" has letters that get smaller and more crammed together as they approach the end...
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    Where are all the embossed ABM druggist bottles?

    This is something I've been wondering for a while. Why aren't there any embossed ABM druggist bottles? Or if there are, I've never seen one. I mean, what was going on in the period between the tooled lip druggists and the ACL druggists? Did everyone just use unembossed bottles? And if so...
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    My British Columbia Dairies Website

    Hi everyone, I love database bottle websites so a little while ago I started one for dairies in my home province of British Columbia. I don't know if anyone on here has any bottles (or anything else dairy-related) from B.C., but if you do I'd love if you could contribute some pictures! Or just...

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