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    Dr J Urquhart - Oakville Ontario Druggist Bottle

    The guy sure didn't waste any extra money on decoration for his bottle... Jim G
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    Dump Truck Finds

    Open pontil umbrella ink in a light teal. Very nice. The soda is what we call iron pontil and VERY nice. Both 1850s to 1860s. Both exceptional finds.
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    Dump Truck Finds

    In the box you have a sort of umbrella shaped bottle that is probably an older, says 1860s-1870s, umbrella ink. If it has a broken ring of glass on the bottom, called an open pontil, it's more like 1850s to 1860s. Generally speaking the locally embossed medicine bottles have their best value...
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    19th Century Coffee Bottle?

    My Google foo says that Market Place was/still is an address in Hull. I think your bottle may be Hick's and Co, Market Place, Hull. A quick trip through Google didn't find a Hick's and Co. But that's not surprising. Google is much better with modern businesses than with long gone...
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    What Happens to You’re Collection When You Die?

    My daughter has a hell of a payday.... At least she knows there is some real value there. Jim G
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    Can anyone tell me the age of this bottle approximately?

    hard to tell who made it as that was a common bottle form at the time. Probably not Whitehall Tatum as they usually have a W.T. mark on the base. Jim G
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    Help to ID a Kentucky Bourbon Bottle with a partial label.

    Loooks like the last 4 letters of the name that are still on the existing label might be ser's.
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    Tooled Crown Top?

    Yup, you can find early crown tops that were blown with the lip tooled. It's probably pre-abm, so earlier than 1905, but you'd know more if someone could give you info on the brewer. Jim G
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    Looking for any info on this Magnetic Aether op bottle.

    Matt has it listed in his Medicine bottle nexus, so it's a known bottle. He has a pic with label. Hoping I can successfully paste same.
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    Say fifers for finest flavor

    Damn Hemi! How many different beer cans do you have? I thought this was a great rare find when I saw it, but I'm up in New England and have never seen this brand before. Great cans though, such awesome details. Jim G
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    Brooklyn Blobtop Beer Bottle (H. THIMIC)

    They drank a LOT of lager beer in those days, particularly the German immigrant workers. It is a German brewing style after all, so no doubt bier was deliberate. Great old blob beer. is there a book out there somewhere of NYC area brewers pre-prohibition? Jim G
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    Need help identifying time period. Hynson, Westcott....no Dunning

    Blown in mold with tooled lip so likely pre-ABM. To me the form is a little older, say 1890ish. Jim G
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    Inflated scam gallery prices guessing game

    Most of those bottles aren't worth the cost to ship them... Jim G
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    What do I have here? Whiskey?

    The form definitely says beer. Jim G
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    Pontiled Labeled Poison from the 20s?

    In my opinion, those pontiled apothecary bottles were blown later than some of the other pontiled bottles. Back in the day when we were still digging we found a couple of those in with later trash. With that said, it's clearly a reuse, as it originally had a glass stopper for one thing (you...
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    Big vintage Jar

    Likely a bulk medicine of some sort. Jim G
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    Honduras Tonic

    Listed in Matt's Medicine bottle list but without any additional information. Jim G
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    I found these digging bottles please help me id them

    The aqua is probably a food bottle, olives, capers, olive oil et set. Did they make old desktop telephones out of glass, or is it a decorative piece made to look like a telephone? Agreed it's the same form as an old desktop tele. Jim G
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    Social Security Card and More! Searching for bottles on a 1920s farm (part 3)

    I didn't know social security cards were ever metal. Really cool find. Jim G

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