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  1. RoyalRuby

    Need help IDing two bottles and a stoneware bottle

    Thanks for the replies, this is why I take pictures and ask questions before buying, until I'm more informed on making a decision on the spot when I encounter such items, I'll continue to ask until then, thanks again.
  2. RoyalRuby

    Need help IDing two bottles and a stoneware bottle

    Thanks for the info, I was rather bummed to see my image of the bigger bottle a bit blurry after uploading it, the blob is rather crude and hangs down some on one side, the pontil mark is also quite crude and looks like really bad break off when the rod would have been removed, no hole, just...
  3. RoyalRuby

    Todays grabs

    Day off, bored and snowing lol, good day to hit a couple tique shops, A couple of these are ones I saw previously and did some research on before buying, all were great prices, the solid lead/crystal Coke bottle is really cool, if any of you haven't seen or held one, they really stand out and...
  4. RoyalRuby

    Hire's ACL.

    Yep looks nice....seams odd that today I picked up a nice embossed Hires that I've been wanting on the cheap, also grabbed a one dollar Coca Cola hobble-skit from Key West dated 1944.
  5. RoyalRuby

    Need help IDing two bottles and a stoneware bottle

    Ran across these today and wondered if I should grab them or not, the bigger green bottle looks like it is an oldie, the other green one I have no clue but looks like it could be original, same with the stoneware bottle, I'm still green (no pun intended..lol) in this area, so any help would be...
  6. RoyalRuby

    How to take modern paint off bottles

    Lol....I hope it was only the two........ :rolleyes:
  7. RoyalRuby

    Bicentenial Fyfe & Drum bottles

    I guess I never paid close enough attention to these, now that I've looked closer, these were made in 16 different variations, I've walked by so many of these at antique shops never knowing that there are 16 different versions, most seamed over priced and probably were, but I have no clue...
  8. RoyalRuby

    Rare 1975 64 ounce Coca Cola Bottle

    Here's a couple pics from one currently on eBay showing the cap.
  9. RoyalRuby

    looking for a close time frame on these bottles

    Actually it's a old photo that's up for sale, and I was trying to I.D. the gent in the picture, after determining a more accurate time frame, I'm guessing that it's Frederick J. Poth and not his father Frederick A. Poth which there are no known images of.
  10. RoyalRuby

    looking for a close time frame on these bottles

    I'm guessing 1870's to 1890's, but hoping someone here can more closely pin-point a date of these Poth's Bock blob top bottles.
  11. RoyalRuby

    Using A Pitchfork

    I use one of these when I reach the areas where I'm on or near bottles/glass, works quite well.
  12. RoyalRuby

    The Salem Oak Tree immortalized on this bottle

    Nice, looks like you're putting together quite a collection of commemorative bottles........ :)
  13. RoyalRuby

    Why Do You Collect Glass?

    I went back to some of my best spots in western Pa. for old beer cans back in early June this year, I hadn't been to most of these spots in over twenty years, I found mostly that the spots are now covered with large "no trespassing" signs, or simply seam to have disappeared, I ended up searching...
  14. RoyalRuby

    Skunked Probing Today

    Yep, I still get out and hike frequently, it's the digging part that's getting harder...lol...... :)
  15. RoyalRuby

    Skunked Probing Today

    I was eyeing some stoneware as well, one looks to be far older than the others around it and priced a little higher, but like you, I'm not sure how legit or old the piece really is so I passed, until I learn more about this fun hobby of bottles and such, I'll hold off on such purchases until I...
  16. RoyalRuby

    Skunked Probing Today

    Yeah, I hope to talk with whoever it is sometime.......as for buying from antique shops, for me anyway, if I see a bottle (or whatever for that matter) that I really like, I do my best to restrain for an impulse buy, take some pictures of the item and do some research when I get back, if I find...
  17. RoyalRuby

    Skunked Probing Today

    The small tique shop I got this one at has a (the) vender that must dig locally but I don't know who or where, there's always a bunch of dirty bottles in his booths, most are common or just ones I don't really collect, hoping to bump into him one of these days when he at one of his booths to be...
  18. RoyalRuby

    Skunked Probing Today

    I picked up a Paine's over the last weekend that had been found and never completely cleaned up for a buck, I gave it a good bath and it cleaned up pretty good, has a couple chips on the blob, but still presentable until a better one comes along, I know these are common, but I didn't have one so...
  19. RoyalRuby

    Etched lettering on early bottles

    Thanks for all the replies, I'll get a picture of it next time I go to where it's at and post it, maybe get some more positive answers on the bottle in question.

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