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  1. PlaneDiggerCam

    “Oh the Humanity” or Paradise Lost

    It's always heartbreaking to have dumps like this. If it makes you feel better I found over 5 that were of this age and 95% smashed. Though who knows! The agony could be wept away by your next spot!
  2. PlaneDiggerCam

    It is baseball season

    I have the same jar
  3. PlaneDiggerCam

    Glass insulators still in service in Coreys, NY

    In my area the teal aqua and clear glass ones are still in service, but only on the fire department alarm box lines.
  4. PlaneDiggerCam

    found a small 30's era dump in the woods

    Aqua Horlicks are usually older than the clear ones and the jar to the left looks to be turning SCA so that one is definitely early.
  5. PlaneDiggerCam

    found a small 30's era dump in the woods

    The Horlicks and the two jars beside it are like 1910s era.
  6. PlaneDiggerCam

    Unique Embossed 7up

    Interesting 7up, that's a new one for me.
  7. PlaneDiggerCam

    Wooden Beer Crates.

    Sweet! I've been looking for a particular beer crate myself to fill with the bottles I have dug, Obermyer and Liberman from NYC.
  8. PlaneDiggerCam

    found a small 30's era dump in the woods

    Looks like good potential! Could be some nice late throws from the 1800s in there too!
  9. PlaneDiggerCam

    New Art Deco Soda.

    That is a cool bottle! Was this from a local bottler or was it a regional brand?
  10. PlaneDiggerCam

    Blue Sharp & Dohme bottle Baltimore MD.

    Looks like you dug two poisons, I believe the amber one is a labeled McKesson and Robbins Iodine. The Sharp and Dohme is a nice one and also contained iodine.
  11. PlaneDiggerCam

    Milk Glass jar display

    There are probably tons more varients where those 8 displays came from. I wonder if you have any of mine.
  12. PlaneDiggerCam

    Tell me this isn't the smallest bottle you've ever seen.

    I always hang on to the small ones I find. I have many different types. Wondered if I had anything that coul beat this, but when I saw your pic I thought I probably don't, lol. That is one small one, maybe take some measurements so we can get a much better idea of exact size.
  13. PlaneDiggerCam

    Found in the mountains of Wyoming near Jackson Hole

    AB Co. Beers tend to be from the 1880s-1910s depending how the bottom is embossed.
  14. PlaneDiggerCam

    My Only Open Pontil Is a Slick

    Any pontil is worth keeping in my view. My first pontil was an open pontil slick and I have kept it to this day and probably will forever since it is just sentimental since it was my first. It took me a while, but I eventually found my first embossed open pontil last year and my first iron...
  15. PlaneDiggerCam

    Heinz Horseradish ?

    Assuming it is BIM (which it looks like it is) I'd say it dates most likely to 1880s-1890s. It just doesn't have the characteristics of a heinz that is older or newer than that. The older ones are usually embossed Heinz and Noble and the newer varieties are noticeably machine made or late BIM...
  16. PlaneDiggerCam

    A hobnail lysol I dug last March, are these rare? Only one I've ever found

    I think I saw a clear one of these that was this Hobnail type and was actually embossed lysol. I think in England lysol has used some Hotmail type bottles.
  17. PlaneDiggerCam

    Is this a pontil on this wine?

    I dug a wine near a spot that had produced all pre 1870s stuff and was interested in this when I saw it: The arrows point to a rough ring patch that is circular around the inside of the kick up. Is this a pontil scar? I very well could be wrong, but that is what it looks like. The wine has...
  18. PlaneDiggerCam

    Does anyone know anything about these 2 quart milk bottles.

    There was a dairy farm named Plainview Farms in Louisville, KY so these are most likely from that farm.
  19. PlaneDiggerCam

    Monsanto Prototype Coke

    Here we have a heavy plastic prototype coke bottle made by Monsanto given to me by one of my dad's friends. It has a sealed cap and nothing inside as expected with a prototype. I know this was a prototype coke was experimenting with while trying to switch to plastic.. Anyone have any other...
  20. PlaneDiggerCam

    Can Forum?

    Yeah, but I always thought we could have a sub forum to post under on here. I mean bottles and cans technically do go together.

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