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  1. Bmish55

    Old well?

    On our land we have an old well with a windmill above it, so we know it is a water well. We have another stone ring that looks like another well, but in the side has a metal grate built in. Is this a water well or something else? Is outhouse site? Here is what it looks like inside and a pic of...
  2. Bmish55


    I need some advice on how to clean two amber ozomulsion bottles i found in a barn. They both have a large, hard, chunk of brown gunk in them. Does anyone have any advice on the best way to get this out? The bottles are out on my front porch bc they stink to much to be brought in until i get them...
  3. Bmish55

    Need help with this bottle!

    I need help identifying this bottle by the F.W. Fitch Co. I would like to know the year and found many bottles but none that looked like this. Is anyone familiar with this particular bottle? I am new to all this and recently got to bottle pick at a relatives old barn. I spent hours googling and...

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