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    For Paddy's Day, here are some Irish-Canadians from my collection.

    Left to right: J.D. Higginbotham, Lethbridge, Alberta, circa 1895 (Anglo-Irish ancestry -- indeed, there's evidence that his surname is not English in origin but an Anglicized expansion of the Irish name Higgins -- he established the first true stand-alone retail pharmacy in Alberta) T. Eaton...
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    Extra! Extra! Skull Poison Bottle Developed!

    Found this article while researching another topic. The article appeared in the San Francisco Call of May 17, 1894 and was a wire copy from the Chicago Times. Sorry about the quality, but it's the best I could download.
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    A "New" Category of Poison Bottle

    Since moving to Western Canada, the Prairie province of Alberta in particular, I've gotten to know and acquire these and similar ACL gopher poison jars. There are also similar gopher poison tins. I'm curious to know if anyone out there collects this style, too?
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    Ah, come on!

    Why, oh why, does this happen (I know the answer, just being rhetorical)? http://www.ebay.ca/itm/ANTIQUE-KETCHUP-ALCOHOL-FOOD-GLASS-LIDDED-BOTTLE-A989-UNIQUE-FOOD-ADVERTISING-/331256634851?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item4d206f1de3&_uhb=1...
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    Uh oh . . .

    http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Antique-Bottle-Pontil-Scar-circa-1800s-1840s-1860s-Quart-size-square-/261441463474?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item3cdf2024b2#ht_2049wt_966 All I can say is, wow!
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    Famous Bottle Collectors

    Just curious to know what famous people also collect antique bottles. I think former U.S. president Jimmy Carter was (still is?) a bottle collector? I've heard that rock musician Bryan Adams collects bottles. Also, I've heard that a member (maybe former member) of the rock band Grand Funk...
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    Glens Falls, N.Y. Wine Co. flask

    Upfront declaration: I know nothing about this kind of bottle from the U.S.A. and I'm not looking to make any money off it (just cover my costs, if need be). In a local antique mall here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, there is for sale an 1890s/early 1900s light aqua whiskey flask from the Glens...
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    Possible Ebay Scammer: Alert & Info Wanted

    Hi Everyone: As a warning, I'd like to advise those good people who belong to the ABN community of what's happened to me on Ebay. Over a month ago, I bought a lot of bottle collecting magazines listed on Ebay. I paid almost instantly the $66.00 total (including shipping). Despite my repeated...
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    Owl Drug Collectors blogs

    So, I recently did some internet research in preparation before bidding on an Ebay lot of Owl Drug Company bottles (which I didn't buy after all), and I came across this blogsite: http://owldrugcollectorsecho.wordpress.com/ It would seem that somebody's mounting opposition to our friend...
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    Dr. Lawrence's Iceland Moss Syrup?

    Can anyone out there please help with this mystery? I recently bought off Ebay a 4-oz. "Dr. Lawrence's Iceland Moss Syrup" bottle. I cannot find out anything about this one, either in my files on Canadian proprietary medicine makers or through interenet searches. The seller did not have anything...
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    Kirk, Geary & Co., Sacramento bottles?

    Hi: Just wondering if anyone out there in collectingland has any bottles from the wholesale/retail druggist firm of Kirk, Geary & Co. of Sacramento, California? If so, I'd love to see pics and even acquire an example for my collection of Canadian drugstore bottles. Now, before I get a lecture on...
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    RIGO Poison Bottles - The Historical Truth and the Owl Drug Collectors Blog

    Hello Everyone: First off, I'm sorry to bring David Levine's Owl Drug Collectors blog back to the fore on this site, but I believe it's necessary to offer an alternative to Levine's most recent posting, in which he plays loose with the historical facts to impugn the character of Ebay seller...
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    Artistic Poison Bottle Pic

    My wife, Leanne, took this pic of three of my Ontario College of Pharmacy carbolic acid poisons. As set by her photography club, her task was the "rule of thirds." I really like the image. Opinions? By the way, Leanne's flick link is...
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    Owl Drug Company Blog

    Just wondering how many out there read this blog about the San Fran Owl Drug Co. and its collectibles? http://owldrugcollectors.wordpress.com/ Cheers, Glen
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    Skull Poison Smallest Size

    I'm pretty confident on values for Canadian poisons, but not so about those for American ones. Can anyone please give me a ballpark value on the smallest size of the Lee skull poison in excellent shape (no chips, cracks, but very minor interior hazing -- likely not dug, so the hazing is probably...
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    Canadian Poison Bottles

    Most Canadian poison bottles are variants of the irregular hexagon, or "Canadian Coffins," as we call them in Canada. This bottle belongs to the first wave of Canadian Coffins, which were distributed by the Beaver Flint Glass Company, Toronto (BFG Co. T) but probably manufactured by the Diamond...
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    Clarke Fluid Company, Cincinnati

    Just wondering if my American friends could help me out with this bottle. It's 64 ounces and embossed POISON / CLARKE FLUID CO. / CINCINNATI (see pic). Are they rare? What's the approximate value on these fellows? Thanks so much.

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