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    Antique Perfume Bottle ? Year?

    Perfume or scent, 1840s to 1860s generally and a nice bottle to find in the family collection. Jim G
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    That’s One expensive bottle

    On the beer I absolutely agree with you. Sellers with labels for sale I'm not trusting their labeled bottles to be right. $1500 a lot for a beer, even with a cool label. Jim G
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    That’s One expensive bottle

    I don't know cokes or hutches at all. What's it really worth? Jim G
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    1880's violin scroll flask? Salem oak / Jersey devil.

    Agree with Sandchip. 20th century fantasy bottle. Robby, do you have McKearin and Wilson's book with the charts? If you collect flasks at all it's a must. Generally the best way to figure out if they made that mold in the 1800s... Jim G
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    Came up out of the back yard today

    The tall green one is a capers fyi. i used to own one with a label Jim G
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    Anyone familiar with this type of bottle? Might be mid 19th century, odd top, ribbed, clear

    Agreed on early Pittsburgh feel. Or NEGco. Based on what we are seeing it has a nice old feel to me.
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    Help putting a date on this one

    I've got two with labels for Vermont mineral water companies, so they are definitely American as well. Used to be a fairly common find in VT dumps back in the 70s. Anywhere from 1880 to turn of century and definitely mineral water. Jim G
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    Anyone familiar with this type of bottle? Might be mid 19th century, odd top, ribbed, clear

    I would have said that is a ribbed decanter of some sort. The lip puts decent age on it, maybe pre-civil war. You'd want to see the bottom of it for a pontil. Jim G
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    Black ink bottles from Providence Rhode Island, circa 1840-45

    No apology needed. You won that one fair and square and I can't blame you at all. That's the nature of the beast... it's worth what someone is willing to pay for it. I certainly don't think you overpaid for it. Those older labeled pontiled inks have REALLY increased in value the last 15...
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    Got Spooked by a Fisher Cat while out digging

    I've never been bothered by fishers. The few I've seen around here tend to be real shy and retiring about humans. Jim G
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    Black ink bottles from Providence Rhode Island, circa 1840-45

    I was an underbidder on the Burrington. Great ink and you got a decent buy. Congrats. Jim G
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    Todays antique store pickups

    1890s. Basically around turn of century. Nice clean one. Jim G
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    Three piece mold ladies leg whiskey help narrow date

    I agree probably 1880s and you stole it for $4. if they've got a bunch of blown bottles in the $3-15 range, you should seriously pick up more of the embossed ones. pretty hard to NOT make money at $3 for an embossed pre-abm bottle. Jim G
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    Test with a question

    That size and shape I'd say some sort of perfume or ungent. too small to be a sauce bottle I think. It'll be pre-1900, probably late 1800s. Nice find. Jim G
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    New Cobalt Blue Hutch with Tombstone Slugplate.

    Absolutely bottle porn. Even for non-hutch collectors. Jim G
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    GREAT label. Jim G
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    I have found a few thousand different bottles I was just wondering what would be the most valuable ones to find if anybody can help

    The stoddard middletown is stoddard amber. Thee green ones came from some NY glasshouse after Stoddard closed... Still an amazing bottle to dig up. I never even saw shards of one back in the 70s when we dug in VT. Jim G
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    Please help I’d this bottle

    Especially the lip and neck. Those are often the most informative part of the bottle.
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    Hi! Need info about a beautiful inkwell

    And yeah, I've seen them called both sheared and burst top inks, and I think everyone is talking the same. No pontil rod to hold onto the bottom of the bottle, the blower would have done whatever finish work needed while still holding the bottle by the mouth, and then would have broken off or...
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    Hi! Need info about a beautiful inkwell

    I think that's true as well. Most antique shops back in the 70s and 80s seemed to have a bunch of these. You could order them out of a magazine somewhere in quantity, right? Jim G

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