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    Bottle Perks

    I know that bottle collector love their bottles and that some of us have perks related to them. I knew a collector once that used to talk to his bottles and he called them all his babies, ha ha, I have not gone that far , but I do find that I have a strange attachment to some of them and they...
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    Creek Dump

    Walked up the bottom of a creek with a high embankment hoping to find something of interest from some farm , any farm in the area. Came upon a welcome sight of old metal sticking out of the ground
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    Old Homestead Dig

    Got out today for a little adventure, I found a bunch of old cellar holes within a couple of miles of one another over the winter months , so this is the first chance for me to go trake a look and to do a little photography. I picked this cellar hole because it is the most secluded and almost...
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    Bar Harbor Bottling Works

    Hey, wanted to share a neat 6 1/2oz. soda that I dug last year. It has arched ribs that remind me of some orange crush bottles and embossed Bar Harbor / Bottling Works / Bar Harbor Maine.
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    My first dolls head

    My first complete dolls head I should say, I have shards of of others I have dug as well, don't know what it is about these things that make them so attractive to diggers, don't know if any non-diggers collect them or not or if there is any value to them, but it seems most diggers on here...
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    Got out today, found a dump!

    Been looking around this area 2 or 3 times before and must have been all arouind it and never came across it. Just by luck I happened on to it this time as I was taking a shortcut to get to another area and I walk right on it . Scratched around for a while here and there, found lots of nice...
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    Stoddard or not?

    Dug this awhile ago on a dump that had been thrown down the side of a steep slope. It was in with pontilled material so I'm guessing it's around 1860 or so. It is a 3-pc mold in an olive color littered with millions of seed bubbles.
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    Flaws Revealed

    Here is an interesting flaw that appears on this crude 3-pc whiskey bottle that I have. It is liquid that is trapped inside of an air bubble, pretty cool,
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    Old dump road

    Finally came across a dump that is down this road. or what appears to be a road
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    Cemetery Dig Part II

    After finding the Carter's Ink I was stoked to get back there and finish up, due to the impending snow storm I knew that this was to be my last chance to get out till spring. As I left that morning it had already started to snow. In no time after getting there I pull out a large granite ware...
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    Cemetary Dig

    Just before Xmas, no snow on the ground yet and still mild, I was itchy to dig some dirt before we were snowed in for good. Decidede last minute type thing to check the embankments along a lake and on the way check the woods behind a cemetary. Never found anything of any signifigance around...
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    Virgin Dump

    How's that for a catchy title. Well, this summer I was looking for a bottle dump and that is exactly what I found. W hen I first came across it over a knoll off of an old woods road I got pretty exited as obviously it had never been dug before with whole blown bottles littering the surface. I...
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    Here's an unexpected find at the bird feeder lately, picking up the droppings on the ground, she seems to love the sunflower seeds. She is coming around all thr time now for the last couple of months and will eat the seeds out of your hand!
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    Catsup bottles

    I dug another catsup bottle today, a Curtice Brotthers from Rochester N.Y., in a ribbed pattern bottle. The blown catsup bottles are interesting in their design as they were made with ribs or with other features that would help with hanging onto them while vigorously shaking them. Most bottle...
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    Do Sun Colored Bottles Fade?

    That is something that I always wondered about. I have a number of sun colored bottles packed away in boxes and it seems to me that when I look at them from time to time they seem to be losing some of their color. Does the color fade over time if the bottles are not left in the sun ?
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    Columbia Catsup!!

    Happy to add a couple of new ones to the collection via a trade for a lid off of a large crock a friend needed. The catsup is now thw 4th or 5th that I have now that is blown in mold, this could be getting dangerously close to startng a whole new sub- collection if I'm not careful. Help with...
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    A Million change your collection??

    Curious to know if you suddenly came into some good fortune, lets say a million dollars, how would this effect your collection if at all?? Would you stop collecting bottles altogether? Would you throw out your collection and start over? Would you keep on digging ? It would cretainly...
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    Talking to a guy who made his living digging bottles in the seventies, this is "back when bottles were big". Well they used to tackle random cellar holes , or foundations with stone walls and sift them, and they always used to remove all of the stone from the walls. Removing 3 sides first and...
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    A Whopper of a Slick

    Found this bottle last fall and just recently started to take a second look at it. I learned , through experience, that slicks are best left where they are., This one warrented bringing home just for size alone, graduated to 30 0z. and standing 11 in Here is a picture of it alongside of one of...
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    y'all might remember this snuff that I dug up this past fall. Have drawn a blank in getting very much information until now.

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