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  1. embe

    Old steel farm tool or grass cutter? Washed up on beach

    Any idea what this is? Figured someone would have dug something similar, or else grew up on a farm. Maybe the blade of a scythe or some type of tool/implement? I don't know. It's got a curve, what looks like serrations, and pretty old. Thanks in advance for any guesses.
  2. embe

    Irish Torpedo bottle

    Thought it was neat to see in a 1869 painting. Source: wikipedia
  3. embe

    ACL Pepsi, 1.5L . beach find

    Found this on my morning walk, washed up on the beach. Nothing special but it's a retro shape I haven't seen for decades and hey- it's a bottle right?. Best part is there's still a little bit in there, yum!
  4. embe

    Bott's Pure Malt Stout Port Hope, Canada

    I think this bottle deserves a new home, let me know if any interest. Never seen another one quite like it. Additional pics available on request.
  5. embe

    LK makers mark (in a six pointed star) on bottom.

    Anyone recognize this mark? Did a bit of research and came up blank. No other real identifiable features (should have taken more pics before packing away, thought it would be easier to look up). Assuming >1900 because of the top being crown cap. Thanks!
  6. embe

    Big old glass bottle, no label or embossing.

    Any ideas? pictured beside a Coke bottle for scale. Approx 4" diameter and 16" tall. It doesn't look super old but not new either. Thanks in advance
  7. embe

    Green rum(?) bottle with embossed K on bottom

    Not sure if this is before 1900 since there isn't a pontil but the lip looks old and the surface is what I believe is called 'whittled'? Maybe the mark on the bottom helps in some way. I'm learning as I go and finding this site is a great resource for researching some of these old bottles.
  8. embe

    C.H. Tune and Cummer & Sons (large size)

    I thought these were beer bottles but some quick research indicates sodas? Same lot as the others I picked up, could use a cleaning though.
  9. embe

    Beers, I think?

  10. embe

    Aqua bottles

    Look older, maybe sauce bottles?
  11. embe

    Wishing Well and Kist - 7oz. Green bottles

    Well, the bottle bug sure enough bit me and I went and picked up some recently. Hadn't seen these before and thought they were in pretty nice shape? Probably 50-60's era?
  12. embe

    Is this Bott's beer bottle really from 1893 (Chicago Worlds Fair on label)?

    Not sure if this is the correct area, but looking for some assistance with this old bottle. Bott's Pure Malt Stout, Port Hope Canada. Was only able to find one other picture through Google but didn't have the 1893 label on there. I fell into a bit of a rabbit hole researching 1893 Worlds...

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