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  1. Fayalso

    Flea market find with odd etching

    Yes, thank you, the Owens-Illinois logo is on the bottom. It’s a capital I inside an O which is supposed to indicate that it was manufactured after 1954. On the side, near the bottom edge, is an underlined 10, or possibly the letters IO. Is this also an Owens-Illinois logo? It seems...
  2. Fayalso

    Flea market find with odd etching

    Wow! that is what it is! A search using the right terms brings up many more examples, including these from the same company as mine. https://etsy.me/3ij3yKH I don’t see etching on any of the these others, though. I wonder if it also had something to do with syrup or if the bottle was reused...
  3. Fayalso

    Flea market find with odd etching

    The shape of this reminds me of lab equipment. I’ve been able to figure out that it was made by the Owens-Illinois Glass Company post-1954. The bottom has G-1775 above the logo, 3 on the left, 5 on the right, and 5 below the logo. There is an underlined 10 (or possibly IO) on the lower edge...

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