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    Lets see some slug plates

    This has been so informative and I really appreciate the education! Y'all have been so great to help out a newbie!!
  2. M

    Lets see some slug plates

    I'm new to all this.....what's a slug? Hope that isn't too dumb a question!
  3. M

    How old is this bottle please

    Thanks for the welcome! Looks to us like they loved to use bottles to stuff in the log chinking! We know where the main privy was due to the rich dirt in this area! Plus lots of broken pottery/china pieces. Will be posting more photos of the old bottles later. Thanks!
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    How old is this bottle please

    Thank you everyone for all the info/suggestions! When we remodeled many years ago, lots of medicinal (?!) bottles were found stashed in the walls! I love that I found a group that has answers to our questions of dates/uses! Looking forward to more!
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    How old is this bottle please

    One of many finds on our farm since it's a Revolutionary Land Grant property. I found it in the cellar of our log house which was built about 1807. Any ideas at all? It is a light greenish color I think under the brown crud inside! I'm not sure how to clean it as I don't want to damage glass...

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