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  1. Sarasota941

    Picked up 6 New Bottles Today.

    I need to take a lower angle picture of it next time, so the embossing shows better.
  2. Sarasota941

    For sale 4

    The SPRENGER LANCASTER hutch error backwards N is sold.
  3. Sarasota941

    T. Campbell

  4. Sarasota941


    WTF . That is an amazing collection. I need a bigger house and a basement. You're my new best friend. Even if its one sided.
  5. Sarasota941

    New Straight Side Coke

    Nice addition. Do you collect Coca cola or Jacksonville bottles? Or both?
  6. Sarasota941

    For sale

    No sir Leon. But if I find one in a box I will reach out to you first ofcourse.
  7. Sarasota941

    For sale

    Unfortunately not even close to thinning yet. Way to many boxes of random bottles I use to display now sit in boxes. I am going to refine my area of bottles I will be keeping. Sad because I do love them all but really starts to add up in space used and not displayed.
  8. Sarasota941

    For sale 3

    Open to responsible offers
  9. Sarasota941

    For sale 4

    Open to responsible offers
  10. Sarasota941

    For sale

    Open to offers
  11. Sarasota941

    For sale

    Open to offers.
  12. Sarasota941

    What is everyone's favorite hutch bottle?

    They are crazy. I just seen a really nice one sell for $510 and I have seen a few not as nice sell for $2000. I dug a really nice one 10 years ago and immediately was offered alot for it and sold it but regret it to this day.
  13. Sarasota941


    Love these salesman samples too.
  14. Sarasota941

    What is everyone's favorite hutch bottle?

    The Escambia Pepsi Cola hutch for me but there are way to many very amazing hutches. Stole this picture btw.
  15. Sarasota941

    Beautiful find

    Beautiful reproduction? Not sure much but I am sure someone does.
  16. Sarasota941

    Green John Ryan 1866

    I am definitely not lucky enough to be able to dig John Ryans or any Savannah bottles. I definitely try to trade for as many as I can.
  17. Sarasota941

    Green John Ryan 1866

    I love these.
  18. Sarasota941

    Looking for Info on Mason Jar

    zapped (irradiated) ..To me makes any bottle decrease way way down in value. So much so that I wouldn't even consider buying or trading a bottle if this has been done. Now it does happen naturally to give a nice little purple amethyst but when its done artificially like this has been then its...
  19. Sarasota941

    Southern Bottling Keywest

    Asking $150 Southern Bottling Co Keywest Fla Hutch No chips or cracks just in dug condition. Light wear and light inside haze.

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