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    Halifax Hutchinson

    Can anyone help with info on a Hutchinson from W H Donovon, Halifax which I assume is from Nova Scotia. Thanks David
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    Repro or Fake Warners

    Picked this bottle up in an op shop here in South Australia. There is no base mark
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    J C Bakers Patent, Aug,14 1860

    See post in What is it before 1900
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    J C Bakers Patent, Aug,14 1860

    Thought I had picked up an early Fruit Jar. This item is around 2 pint size and looks exactly like a fruit jar sitting in a metal base but there is no base to the glass item and do not know what it may have been used for. The centre section on the base fits in a slot to lock it in. Would...
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    Gin Bottle on Ebay

    Appears to be a label added to a dug bottle...
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    Warners Pill bottle

    Picked up this full bottle of Warners Pills and wondering what sort of rarity these have. Appears to be the Australian version as has Melbourne and Rochester as the only 2 cities mentioned
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    Steamer Schnapps

    After any info on this Schnapps Bottle as had not seen this variety .Thanks David
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    Dr Townsends Sarsaparilla

    Just picked up this bottle here in South Australia, Most I have seen were a lime green colour and wondering how rare or common this version is. Thanks David
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    U S Pot Lids

    Some of my U S Pot Lids
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    English Torpedo Bottles

    I am looking to purchase early English Torpedo bottles dating around 1840 -1860 .Also after Pictorial American Pot Lids Thanks David
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    New Year

    I would like to wish every one all the best for a now 2015 from here in South Australia.Davidhttp://www.antiquepotlidcollector.com/
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    To all the Forum Members I hope you all have a great day for Christmas and all the best for the New Year 2015 from here in AustraliaCheers David
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    San Francisco Medicine

    Recently acquired this bottle in a small collection and interested in any info on dates and possible value.
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    American Pot Lids

    Still looking for American Pictorial Pot Lids and New York, Holloways, Ointment Pots. Thanks David
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    Pot Lid site has been updated

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    E G Booz Whiskey

    A friend of mine has just bought this bottle and was wondering if it is definitely a reproduction and what they normally would go for. He is not that concerned if he paid too much as he liked the shape and colour...
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    Dr, Henleys, Celery, Beef and Iron

    Just wondering if anybody has information on this amber bottle I have just found here in Australia. It is also marked C . B & I Extract Co, S. F. Cal. Thankyou David
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    Pot Lids

    Still looking for American Pictorial Pot Lids and New York, Holloways, Ointment Pots. Thanks David
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    Happy New Year to all forum Members from a now 2013 in Australia and hope everyone adds plenty of new items for their collections. David
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    Some more U S Pot Lids

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