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    WTB/WTT Peppersauce bottles - cathedral - embossed - colored

    Thanks for the pictures - those are more modern than I’m looking for
  2. Y

    Interesting find

    Let the new owner clean them if they want - because all you’ll be able to do is wash them unless you pay to have them tumbled.
  3. Y

    That’s One expensive bottle

    Just keep in mind that there are things out there that don’t follow common thoughts - old brandies were often in cylinder whiskies and you see them with labels. I’ve seen old sherry labels on English bottles. I’m sure they used what they had - it’s not being done for profit at this point in...
  4. Y

    Got a lightning jar, can the metal closure be brought back?

    Just take one from another jar - the metal is east to find. That one won’t come back and when you take it off you can also clean the rust off the jar
  5. Y

    GPR use saves hours probing!

    GPr is great for finding the goods
  6. Y

    found a $20 dollar bill in a park

    Clearly I was kidding - always love finding money
  7. Y

    found a $20 dollar bill in a park

    Does Canadian money count?
  8. Y

    “Oh the Humanity” or Paradise Lost

    I just saw that it was posted on the site long ago but thought you might want to see it. As Leon said above - it’s an old post and the OP hasn’t been around
  9. Y

    “Oh the Humanity” or Paradise Lost

  10. Y

    “Oh the Humanity” or Paradise Lost

    Damn that’s crazy - hope you’re able to find some whole ones. On day 1 when you sell the yellow iron show up - make friendly -
  11. Y

    Still not sure what is considered a slick

    A slick to me is anything without embossing.
  12. Y

    Wooden Beer Crates.

    I had one Cam - they definitely are around - I’ll let you know if I see one
  13. Y

    I need some help Medical?

    Maybe a douche
  14. Y

    Beautiful Whisky Flasks

    Well I just meant in general - local tag sale - a shop- an old collector - found o line Not looking for details
  15. Y

    Beautiful Whisky Flasks

    Great group - how’d you get them
  16. Y

    Just a thought.

    And I should also mention I’m the same way when I buy. I just decide if I like the bottle for the price and never worry about whether I’m paying $100 for an $80 bottle
  17. Y

    What to do with all these Stoppers

    I buy big batches of lids al the time. I’m always hoping there will be a few I need to finish off my jars or I can find them homes.
  18. Y

    Just a thought.

    no offense taken at all. I stand by what I said and do it all the time. When I decide to sell - I sell. I sell $10 bottles for a $1-$2, and more expensixe ones for cheaper also. Id rather sell a $100 bottle for $70 bucks - give another collector a deal and unload it right away. I do it all...
  19. Y

    Finally new shelves to display some Cobalt Blues.

    Looks great - just make sure those pins are reinforced because a lot of horror stories start when one of those pins fail or the little wood hole they are stuck in breaks out
  20. Y

    WTB/WTT Peppersauce bottles - cathedral - embossed - colored

    Always looking for unique peppersauces, embossed, colored or nice cathedrals

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