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  1. Sarasota941

    For sale 3

    Open to responsible offers
  2. Sarasota941

    For sale 4

    Open to responsible offers
  3. Sarasota941

    For sale

    Open to offers
  4. Sarasota941

    For sale

    Open to offers.
  5. Sarasota941

    Southern Bottling Keywest

    Asking $150 Southern Bottling Co Keywest Fla Hutch No chips or cracks just in dug condition. Light wear and light inside haze.
  6. Sarasota941

    Green John Ryan 1866

    Its amazing to see a green one of these. You always just see the blue ones. Never clear, green, I even think there is an amber one? https://www.ebay.com/itm/174708131269
  7. Sarasota941

    T. Campbell

    I.P. T.CAMPBELL PHILa DYOTTVILLE GLASSWORKS ( ON BACK) dug condition but no chips or cracks Asking $180 free shipping
  8. Sarasota941

    Brown stout Dyottville glass works

    I.P. Brown Stout DYOTTVILLE GLASS WORKS PHILAD.A Just a small semi open bubble but no chips or cracks. $60 free shipping
  9. Sarasota941

    Penna bottling supply

    Penna Bottling Supply Philada. All three for sale together 1 interior pot stone with a cracking around it. $40 free shipping
  10. Sarasota941

    Long Island

    I am South Philly born, but half the family is from Long Island so I have had these around for awhile. Thought I would share after unpacking them recently. Yesterday & Moore Bottlers Riverhead LI Pinky's Beverages Long Island
  11. Sarasota941


    Amber with stopper Silver Nitrate Ag NO 3 This is what happens when the wife needs more room in the attic for storing more holiday stuff. I start digging through boxes to get rid of things and find others I forgot about.
  12. Sarasota941

    Amber Tampa Medicine

    Leonardi's Blood Elixir The great blood purifier Now if you seen this at CVS would you try it out, now a days?
  13. Sarasota941

    Now for a local medicine. This is my absolute favorite

    As plain as it is. The town name is a pretty interesting version. I have 2 different sizes of this big one Braidentown Fla
  14. Sarasota941

    Two locals with cool font embossing

    Both St.pete Florida
  15. Sarasota941

    Deposit 3cent

    Creamer i assume.
  16. Sarasota941

    Thought I would share some local Pharmacy bottles.

    Going through some of many if my boxes of bottles because I HAVE to thin out the extras. So found these and figured I would share. I love good embossing. These pictures are hard to take btw.
  17. Sarasota941

    Birmingham Alabama

    Alabama bottling Eagle embossed on back Still has some marker colors on it but should wash off someday. No chips or cracks. Just stain and a little case wear $20 includes shipping
  18. Sarasota941

    Black glass

    I know nothing of the origin but someone will. No chips or cracks $30 includes shipping
  19. Sarasota941

    Pittsburgh Pa

    Skipper beverages Soda-Licious Pittsburgh Pa Pay for shipping
  20. Sarasota941

    Berlin Pa

    Berlin Pa Christmas coke No chips or cracks, minimal case wear. Pay for shipping

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