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  1. PlaneDiggerCam

    Is this a pontil on this wine?

    I dug a wine near a spot that had produced all pre 1870s stuff and was interested in this when I saw it: The arrows point to a rough ring patch that is circular around the inside of the kick up. Is this a pontil scar? I very well could be wrong, but that is what it looks like. The wine has...
  2. PlaneDiggerCam

    Monsanto Prototype Coke

    Here we have a heavy plastic prototype coke bottle made by Monsanto given to me by one of my dad's friends. It has a sealed cap and nothing inside as expected with a prototype. I know this was a prototype coke was experimenting with while trying to switch to plastic.. Anyone have any other...
  3. PlaneDiggerCam

    Can Forum?

    I've always wondered why this site doesn't have a cans sub-forum. I know plenty of people on here who also collect cans. Would it make sense to add one? I find cans when digging bottles and want to post them, but posting then anywhere else doesn't make much sense. I guess for now I'll just have...
  4. PlaneDiggerCam

    Assortment of some nice bottles!

    Got all these for $30 today! An antique store owner had a bunch of bottles that had come in. Unfortunately, I was a week late since I didn't realize she had contacted me. Anyway, I still got some really nice ones! Left to right: Dr. Bell's' Pine Tar-Honey Whiskey, Sanitol, JSP in emerald...
  5. PlaneDiggerCam

    16 oz pharmacist bottle found in a rock wall?!!! (Video)

    Only found this today searching around for about an hour, but it is killer! Saw a bottle in a rock wall and pulled it out on video and to my amazement it was a 16 oz embossed pharmacist bottle from Mystic! It says H.N. Wheeler / Pharmacist / Mystic River, Conn. A truly unbelievable find proving...
  6. PlaneDiggerCam

    Practically Untouched mill town dump #1

    I was given a lead by a guy who retired from digging who said he dug barely any of a small mill town dump dating between 1920s-1940s and possibly older. He said that I was free to have at the rest! I dug for a couple hours last week from his small hole he started and found some stuff that makes...
  7. PlaneDiggerCam

    Coffin Flask ID. Need Help!

    I dugpics. BIM coffin flask a while ago and really need help with it. It has an odd namesake on the base (89 Rutard) which I cannot trace. It also has an odd top for maybe a shot glass? Here are some pics: Through extensive searching I've only found these worthpoint listings for the same...
  8. PlaneDiggerCam

    Crier Coventry, CT Cornacopia Flasks and more

    Found a new spot with some early shards hopefully there will be some whole stuff somewhere! I've almost got all the shards to the small Cornucopia flask, so I'll definitely be back to find the rest! Thanks for reading, PlaneDiggerCam
  9. PlaneDiggerCam

    A killer and crier day of digging!

    Found an untouched pontil era city dump with my digging buddy! Didn't pull any pontils, but I've just started! We both got awesome stuff! Here are my finds: Back left to right: 1870s-1880s Blanks, J. Fitzgibbons Middletown, Conn., and two 1870s perfumes. Middle left to right: Blank meds...
  10. PlaneDiggerCam

    Pontil shard embossing need help to ID and new early dump!

    Found this shard while exploring a brand new site! Found lots of other super early and pontil shards too. I need help in particular with this one that has some embossing as seen in the first photo. Other crier pieces found on surface: Intact find from surface that is probably 1870s...
  11. PlaneDiggerCam

    Really odd closure on whiskey bottles?

    Found these while digging all that stuff last time. I went back for the rest of the stuff including these. I washed them off and saw that they were embossed Baltimore Club on the shoulder. I tried to search online for the company but couldn't find much. These are unique in the fact that they...
  12. PlaneDiggerCam

    A great start to the new year! Blown beers, stoneware, a needed pharmacy and much more

    I had an awesome dig today! Found some really neat things. Again, excuse my camera as the lense is cracked (I need to get a new one soon!): All the bottles at the spot! I need to go back for some that I couldn't carry! The best finds that I brought back: Back left to right: Ball Ideal, 3...
  13. PlaneDiggerCam

    Yesterday's 1900s-1930s digs!

    Here are the finds from yesterday's dig! Sorry for the blurry photos (my camera got cracked recently and it will be a while until I get a new one). Back left to right: 3 Burnett's Boston extracts, Gorham Silver Polish, English Crock, A&P vinegar bottle, Country Club Soda Co. Springfield...
  14. PlaneDiggerCam

    More finds at the spot I'm calling Pumpkin Seed Ridge. Rare Canning Jar.

    Dug for a couple hours today and pulled some more goodies! There are so many broken Pumpkin Seed flasks in Clear, SCA, and Aqua that I'm going to call this spot Pumpkin Seed Ridge. Bottles Left to right: Aqua odd shaped slick, Pumpkin Seed Flask (Got a perfect one and its different), Rare Sun...
  15. PlaneDiggerCam

    Found a brand new 1800s farm dump. Some nice stuff and a big crier

    I researched the area yesterday and decided to explore it today. I found a huge TOC dump exactly where I thought it was. Its another rock dump, but there were definitely survivors! Here are the finds: Back Left to right: Warranted Flask (quart), Apothecary bottle that has an inset label panel...
  16. PlaneDiggerCam

    Hillarious Local Quack Cure

    Got this bottle in the box lot I bought. Found a matching ad from the 1880s. What really is funny is the claims made in the ad, especially, "The doctor has the gift to describe every pain and disease at first sight, and with his vegetable medicine and healing powers combined he is enabled to...
  17. PlaneDiggerCam

    Picked up a great collection of stuff! Nice Cough Cure Meds and aqua flasks!

    Got a crate of nice bottles today for a reasonable price. Let me know if there is anything interesting to you guys.
  18. PlaneDiggerCam

    Found this in a 1940s-1960s dump what is it? No light shines trhough it.

    Found this thingy in a 1940s-1960s dump and have no clue what it is. No light shines through it and it has Made In U.S.A. stamped into it. Any ideas? Thanks, PlaneDiggerCam
  19. PlaneDiggerCam

    Searching an old gas station/country store and its privy.

    Got permission to search a really old abandoned gas station and country store! What is even better is that the property is attached to an old dairy farm (the owner of it was the owner of the station). There is also an old privy that was blown over, but still intact towards the back. I need some...
  20. PlaneDiggerCam

    Another pharmacy vial with the intact label.

    Found this while digging a 1940s-1960s dump. It is plastic, but has a full label and is dated 1961 !!! The vial is from Guasta's Pharmacy from the small village of Niantic, Conn. The label also has some interesting attributes. First off the typist accidentally put dily and then corrected it to...

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