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  1. sandchip


    Oh, brother. Although no picture of the base is shown, I'd bet the house that it's a later smooth based variant. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Sarsaparilla-Bottle-Moulded-Pontilated-Tapered-Applied-And-Tooled-Top-F/184653600880?hash=item2afe365870:g:rYcAAOSwY8FgH3Cx
  2. sandchip

    Hit the creek post-Sally today

    Today was the first sunny day we've had since the water went back down. It's supposed to cool down after today, so I took the afternoon off to see how things looked. The bank runs 6 to 8 feet above the water during normal conditions, and the amber Hannis was laying in the sand that was left in...
  3. sandchip

    Smyrna, Ga. Bottle Show cancelled

    The Smyrna (Atlanta) show has been cancelled, not on part of the club, but by the hosting facility due to none other than COVID. They are looking for another facility, but this will take time. This was to be their 50th anniversary show, so it's a big disappointment. I'll let everyone know as...
  4. sandchip

    Cleaned up a little...

    It's a job to clean the windows in my shop of the dust, spider webs and dead bugs and all, so it rarely gets done, so I figured I'd shoot a picture while I was at it. Nothing special, just something to look at while I'm working.
  5. sandchip

    Virtual Museum

    Didn't know if any of you jarheads had checked this out yet or not. Some hellacious jars here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for more, click on the "link" for the jar you want to see...
  6. sandchip

    Just when you think you've heard it all...

    Pimple pontil? For crying out loud. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-ANTIQUE-HAND-BLOWN-BITTERS-BOTTLE-MAINSTONE-DISTILLERY-PIMPLE-PONTIL/313104105255?hash=item48e6757f27:g:tIMAAOSwd4pe1rKK...
  7. sandchip

    Mark Vuono, RIP

    Found out today that Mark Vuono was killed at his jewelry store in Stamford, Connecticut Saturday afternoon in an apparent armed robbery. Mark was our hobby's foremost expert on early historical flasks with probably the finest collection currently in existence. He followed in the collecting...
  8. sandchip

    More creek finds

    Took a break and hit another creek Thursday while the conditions were right. The LRI was laying on a gravel bar. Thought it was the top off a large broken utility until I picked it up. Don't know what was wrong with me not taking pictures before I picked everything up. I gotta tighten up.
  9. sandchip

    Creek finds

    Found these items yesterday. I was particularly happy to find my first undamaged pipe.
  10. sandchip

    Big Chief

    Took the dogs for a walk in the woods behind my shop and found this in the leaves along with a few beer, milk and Clorox bottles. A few pieces of enamel ware were laying around too. I'll have to go back and rake through it and see if anything else worthwhile pops up.
  11. sandchip

    Cedartown, Georgia Show

    Friday, Jan. 31 and Saturday, Feb. 1.
  12. sandchip

    New shelf from old box

    When my kids were young, I made each of them a box for their toys that they could slide under their beds. We were really cramped for space in those days. I cut one of my earliest signs that I had hung on to for the bottoms and some scrap 1 bys for the sides. I was rummaging through the...
  13. sandchip

    Avatar origins

    Well, since you asked, lol, here's where my avatar came from, the flap of an old envelope. From what I can find, the stamp was introduced in 1851 and used until 1869. Wish it had the year on the postmark, but I'm leaning toward around 1855. Addressed to "W.E. Smith, Atty. at Law, Albany, Geo."...
  14. sandchip

    Augusta 2019 FOHBC National

    I hope to goodness that some of you were able to make it to this show, Thursday through Saturday, and I apologize for not taking more pictures. Thursday alone would have been enough with everyone being invited into the home of Mike Newman. In addition to the many bottles already on display in...
  15. sandchip

    Chocolate milk

    Don't believe I've ever posted this one before. The picture is not the best, but the embossing reads, "Spring Creek Dairy / Chocolate / Milk / Montezuma, Ga." Thanks for looking.
  16. sandchip

    Creek gave up a couple...

    Got through working early yesterday. Well, I never get through but it was nice out, so I quit. Sue me! Hit the creek which was up a little. Had to take it easy so as not to get a wader full of cold water, but the regular rains recently had blown things out around logs and all. Spotted a few...
  17. sandchip

    Smyrna, Ga. show

    Picked this up yesterday. Always a nice little show with great folks in a classy venue. I encourage anyone who hasn't attended this show to make plans for next year.
  18. sandchip

    Fraud alert

    Just wondering if anybody else got an email from a "Billy Ar" attempting to sell a Success to the Railroad flask. The email had all the pictures matching those of one listed on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/034-SUCCESS...p2047675.l2557 When I received the email, there was still 30 minutes...
  19. sandchip

    RC and Grapico

    I was cleaning out an old shed behind my shop so I could stabilize the old building the other day. I've collected for 42 years now and had searched every inch of the family place, or so I thought. After emptying the shed, I was smoothing the powder dry dirt floor with a rake and heard a scrape...
  20. sandchip

    Codd bottle

    A friend of mine texted me pictures of this bottle. It's not his, but the owner wanted to know about it and I told him what I knew, but didn't know what to tell him concerning value except that normally, they aren't high-dollar bottles. He also asked how to clean it and I told him it's about...

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