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    Name on bottle?

    Need help identifying the name on this bottle. Can't find any info on what I come up with.
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    Name on bottle?

    I got this bottle at an auction yesterday. It's not what I collect but they put it in with another bottle I bought. It's crystal glass and has a name on the bottom but I can't figure out what the name is. So I thought maybe one of you on the forum could figure it out. Maybe?
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    Help identify 2 jar lids

    I need help identifying 2 jar lids I got from my local auction if anyone can help.
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    PA. & N.Y. Embossed Sodas For Sale -- Make Offer

    Armstrong & McKinley Brooklyn N.Y. Quart Blob J. & T. Charlton McKees Rocks PA. J. Wellersbacher Pittsburg, SS. PA. Cheery Blossoms, Star Wafer Co. Pittsburgh, PA. Groove City Pop Works, Groove City, PA. Soft Drink Mfg. Co. New Castle, PA.
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    PA. Embossed Beers For Sale Make Offer

    American Brewing Co. Bennett, PA. Union Brewing Co. Sharon, PA. Fayette Brewing Co. Uniontown, PA. (2) Independent Brewing Co. Pittsburg, PA. Mutual union Brewing Co. Auqippa, PA. Pittsburg Brewing Co. Pittsburg, Pa. Cambrinus Brewing Co. New Kensington, PA. Anchor Brewing Co...
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    Syracuse NY. Bottle

    Does anyone know if this is a drug / Pher. bottle or Chemical? I think the intials are C P Co. Could be P C Co. or the P could be an R. Thanks, Don
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    Baby Flask

    Dug this flask up the other day. Has a baby on one side & the baby wearing a hat on the other. Made out of pottery. aprox. 3" in dia x 1" wide. Anybody know what it was used for or where it is from? Thanks, Don
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    Armstrong & McKinley

    Got this bottle at an auction. It's the quart size. Does anybody know rarity & worth? Willing to trade or sell. Thanks, Don
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    Harrison's igloo / tutle ink

    Bought this ink at an auction lately to add to my collection. Couldn't find it on ebay. Was wondering what rarity & worth. Has a smooth base. Thanks for any help, Don
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    Looking for a milk glass base

    Still looking for a base to buy or trade : WELLS TOOTH PASTE WELLS & NOYLES DRUGGISTS WARREN PA. Picked this one up at an auction in a box lot. Worth? Rarity? Does anyone have a base? ID 2 11/16, OD 3" TOP OD 3 1/8"
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    Warren Tooth Paste

    WELLS TOOTH PASTE WELLS & NOYLES DRUGGISTS WARREN PA. Picked this one up at an auction in a box lot. Worth? Rarity? Does anyone have a base? ID 2 11/16, OD 3" TOP OD 3 1/8"
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    I see these Seltzers are at an auction I'm going to Saturday. Is anyone interested in them if I pick them up? Looks like they may not be embossed or etched.
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    I picked up this bottle at an auction and was wondering if anybody has one and knows what is embossed on it under the lable. I thick on one side the embossing is Cleans Polishes Prevents Rust. On the other side FR------ N------. Not sure how many letters because it's under the lable.
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    Holy Water

  15. C

    Standing Logs

    I bought these at an auction in a box lot. They are not bottles but I thought maybe someone would know what they are. ?
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    I pick up this bottle today at an antique store. Was wondering if it is common & want it would be worth. It is 7 1/2" high Lable has the date of 188-. Any help is appreaciated, Thanks, Don
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    Wanted Cornplanter Bitters

    This is what I'm looking for but in better shape.
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    Northwest PA. Bottles

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy or trade for NW PA bottles especially Corry PA. Thanks, Don
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    geometric Inkwell

    Hello. I had a friend pickup this inkwell at an auction. I was wondering what number it is & what it is worth? It has no damage ( Mint Condition) Any help would be helpful. Paid $50 for it. Thanks.
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    Mullen Warren PA.

    Here's one for the NWPA collectors for sale at Glassworks auction.

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