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    Cohansey Jar

    Picked up this amber jar today. Anybody have any information on it? Age? Value? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    A Couple Of Hemingray's

    No. 9[attachment=IMAG0358.jpg]
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    Mountain Valley Mineral Water

    [attachment=IMAG0356.jpg] Front of bottle
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    Perks of The Job

    The following bottles are what I received from the parents of the gentleman I was training with. His parents were avid collectors and downsized their collection, boy my eyes lit up and I was like a kid in a candy store [:)]
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    Wow what a change. After a pretty up and down year I have finally been able to return to the forum I love. I hope everyone is well and I look forward to being back. My new job afforded me a perk already in the form of some bottles from a customer. In the coming days I will post some pictures of...
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    New Additions + Christmas Gifts

    Here are a few new additions
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    More Additions

    Here are a few more birthday bottles that arrived today. Woodward Chemist, Nottingham, cone ink, 3 in 1 oil, and one that is hard to make out...AS Hinds, w/ ASH monogram then Portland, ME ( this one is the screw top )
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    New Additions

    sorry jim using a laptop thats a dinosaur cuz my pc got fried due to a lightning strike back in aug. it sends the pics to paint for editing and i havent figured out re-sizing on it yet
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    I was given this Piso's today. I have the green one and have seen it in clear. This is the first amber one I have seen
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    Time Well Spent

    Well as of this friday I will be a member of this great site 2 years now. I must say it has been a fun and informative ride. Hope there are many years to come just like it. I just wanna say thanks guys for all the knowledge and insight that has been given.
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    Off for an early spring dig!

    Headed to Blairsville, NJ for a dig on an old farm with a couple houses on the property. I will post any finds when I get home. Going with a friend who know the property owner, my friend has never dug before and is excited...hopefully I can get another into this addiction..err I mean hobby lol [:D]
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    New Additions

    Here are some additions that I picked up over the last couple days
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    Walk along the river

    Found alot of older broken stuff but this was it for today.... Insulator is a bullet type and says POSTAL TEL. Co....cobalt is a Noxzema
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    River Bank Finds

    Thanks to Irene back in August I have been finding stuff along the river bank with out having to do much digging. Guess Mother Nature has the antique glass bug too. [:D]
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    This is messed up

    This mother showed restraint that I probably wouldn't have.....I would have beat the ever livin Sh*t out of the aid in the hall way and said she fell down the stairs...and these people still have jobs....wtf? If a parent did this they would be thrown in jail but its ok for a school...
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    Spring Time Partner

    Looking for someone to dig with in the Hudson Valley New York area to research and dig/hunt for bottles and insulators. May even get into some detecting if I can manage to pick one up and learn how to use it. PM me or shoot me an E-Mail.
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    Early Brookie

    Here is the brookie I found today with more details. It is embossed with....Cauvet's Pat July 25 1865 on the dome area on one side. The opposite side it looks like W.Brookfield 55 Fulton St NY. On the skirt... one side has Pat. Jan 5 ( ? ) 1870...on the side opposite that it is ER for the old...
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    Nice December hike

    The old Railroad bed I frequent has the Ramapo River running next to it in Harriman, NY. After Irene and Lee visited us this year they dredged that section of the river to help with lessening flooding. I wandered the dredgingsand this is what I found.
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    Nice December hike

    Went for a hike down the old rail road bed today. A section runs next to the Ramapo Rive. This year soon after Irene and Lee visited us this year the river got dredged to reduce flooding. I found these laying right on top of everything.
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    Secret santa

    So as it is getting closer to Christmas I was curious if we were going to have a secret Santa this year. I had a blast with it last year and it would be real nice if we did it again this year.

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