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    Emerald Green Geyser Spring Saratoga Mineral Water

    Hey everyone, I just picked up this gorgeous deep emerald green mineral water bottle. It's probably the most beautiful bottle I have, as it's full of little bubbles and the glass is heavily whittled. It's embossed Geyser Spring. / Saratoga Springs. / State / of / New York on the front, with a...
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    Townsend's Sarsaparilla with "X" on Plain Panel

    I just picked up this unusual Townsend's Sarsaparilla that I was hoping to find more information on. It's a nice blue green color with an iron pontil. It's also nicely whittled and has a cool amber streak running through each panel. The unusual thing about this particular variation is that on...
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    ACLs Wanted!

    I'm always looking for nice ACLs to add to the collection! I'm not looking for bottles from any particular location, and I'm primarily interested in those with picture labels (Indians, girls, landscapes, etc.). I prefer bottles in nicer condition, but I'd love to see anything that anyone has to...
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    A Couple of Nice Orange Crushes

    I recently picked up two really nice Orange Crush bottles in a lot with some others. The first is a beautiful emerald green 28 oz. The base is embossed with Claremont / N. H. / Soda / Works, Inc. I believe these large green Orange Crushes are pretty scarce. A really nice-looking bottle! The...
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    Celery=Cola/Gay-Ola Charleston, WV

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to show off this bottle I got through a forum member a month or so ago. It's a Gay-Ola bottle, bottled by the Kanawha Celery=Cola Bottling Co. of Charleston, West Virginia. I think it's the only bottle I've ever seen that is embossed with two different Coke copycat...
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    Blob Sodas & Beers - Pottsville, PA & Others

    Hey everyone, I just want to show off some of the recent additions I've made to the collection in the last few months that I've never posted. These are just a few blob beers and sodas I've picked up recently; most of the ones I'll post are from Pottsville, PA or the surrounding area. If anyone...
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    ACL Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. Austin, TX Seltzer

    Hey everyone, I picked up this really cool quart seltzer bottle the other day. It's from the Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. of Austin, Texas and has a red ACL featuring the Texas capitol building. The Owens-Illinois mark on the base indicates that it was made in 1938. I've been able to find practically...
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    Puce/Amber Globe and Shaft Style Vinegar Bottle

    I picked this up this somewhat unusual bottle today that I'm looking for more information on. When I first saw it, I thought it might be a fairly modern bottle, but it appears to have some real age to it. It appears to have an applied top with a ring around it. It's not quite an amber color; it...
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    Dr Ulmer's Liver Corrector Savannah, GA

    Hey everyone, I recently picked up this nice BIM aqua medicine bottle from Savannah, Georgia which I can't find much information on. It's embossed The Specialty Co / Manufacturers / Savannah, GA. on the front panel, and Dr Ulmer's / Liver Corrector on the two side panels. The back side is...
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    Paper Label Blob Beer La Crosse, WI

    I picked up this nice amber blob beer bottle the other day at a flea market. It's a really nice light amber color and it has an applied blob top. No embossing other than on the base, but it has a paper label. It's kind of difficult to read everything, but with a little research I was able to...
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    Tuthill & Baldwin NY Iron Pontil Porter

    Hey everyone, I recently picked up this really nice iron pontil porter beer bottle. It's embossed vertically on one side Tuthill / & / Baldwin and N. York on the other side (also vertically). For some reason, the name "Baldwin" seems to be in a slug plate, but nothing else is. It's green in...
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    Some Recent Finds

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd show some of my newer additions I've found recently that aren't ACLs. First I'll show this new flask I got; it's a clasped hands Union flask with a nice applied top. I don't know a whole lot on this one, other than that it's a really nice looking flask! Looks to be...
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    Clinton, NC ACLs

    I picked up two new ACL sodas the other day, both from Clinton, NC, and I'm curious if anyone on here has any info on the rarity of either one. The first one is this red and white CB ACL bottle, dated 1939. It has a really simple label with just "Refreshing Drink" above the CB name inside a star...
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    New Flea Market Finds

    I went to the flea market the other day, and I brought home a few bottles, so I decided to share what I brought back. I'll go ahead and apologize in advance, because this will probably be pretty picture heavy! The first one I got was this nice Thomas' Eclectric Oil medicine from Foster Milburn &...
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    What was this bottle used for?

    I picked up this bottle the other day, and I have no idea what it is or what it was used for. It's about 8" tall, BIM with a tooled top and smooth base, and is an amber color. The body of the bottle is kind of a diamond shape. The base is about 2 1/4" wide, then it gradually extends to about 4...
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    Large Geo. Frye Co. Druggist Portland, ME

    I picked up this nice druggist bottle yesterday. Not really my area of collecting, but it was cheap, so I went ahead and got it. It's a large, 8 3/8" tall, pint sized bottle. It's a nice amethyst color and it has a tooled top. It seems really fragile because of its size and thin glass! It's...
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    Putnam 1 Aqua Quart Lightning Jar

    I'm not a jar collector at all, but I've had this jar for a while and I'm just curious about its value, as I don't really collect these jars. It's a quart size, and it's embossed Trade Mark / Lightning / Registered / U.S. Patent Office. The base is embossed with Putnam (in an arch) and a 1...
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    Paper Label Butte, MT Beer Bottle

    I picked this up the other day at a flea market and I have quite a few questions about it. It's a BIM, aqua, label only Butte Brewing Co. Export Pilsener beer bottle from Butte, Montana. It's a pretty large bottle; it's just over 11 1/2 inches tall. It has an unusual top for a beer bottle; I...
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    Cleaning an ACL: Before and after

    I just posted this new ACL bottle of mine in the Sodas forum, and I mentioned that I would post pictures before and after cleaning here . Here's how it looked before: And here it is after cleaning: In case anyone's curious, I used Bar Keepers Friend (the powder, not the spray kind; the...
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    Peters ACL Savannah, GA

    Hey everyone, I just thought I'd share my newest ACL soda find! It's a 12 oz Peters ACL bottle with a blue and white label showing an orange rising over snowy mountains. Underneath the mountains it says in white lettering "California's Best". It's from Savannah, GA. Ignore the water inside; I...

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