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    Amazing Bottle Digging Finds Today! Local Gems!

    Nice find. What do you think is the nature of the dump--just a family, a farm, resort or community? A family that hat a lot of kids and didn't care about recovering the deposit could certainly discard the quantity you are recovering. (Don't worry; I'm out on the west coast and not trying to...
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    Probe question

    A little work with a die grinder could smooth the surface of that weld "glob" if it bothers you. Retain a diameter a bit larger than the shank of the probe rod and do not sharpen the end point. Some prefer a sharp ledge on the upper side of the tip as it aids in retrieving a small sample of...
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    Pretty Excited - Hope they are good finds!

    If you haven't done so already, research the property records on your camp. If it was occupied prior to 1910, especially if active as a resort, then there are likely some real goodies on the property somewhere. As already noted by others, that amber strap-sided flask is a good indication, though...
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    Interesting find

    After seeing a fellow Moore Hall dorm resident at UA pop gallons of popcorn in order to cushion a crate of old bottles he had picked up at the site of Livengood, AK--he was going to ship them home to his sister in "the lower 48," Illinois, I think--it was his comment that "These things are worth...
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    Interesting find

    At it peak, bottle collecting was the number three collecting hobby in America. (Presumably behind stamps and coins, though I don't remember magazine and book articles specifying the first two.) There's no doubt in my mind that the increasing difficulty of locating productive dig sites...
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    Dug 6 hutch and lots of broke ones today

    Kudos on your ethical practices. I've never been a privy pit digger myself because I'm not cut out to knock on doors seeking permission to dig. However, I have often cringed when viewing privy digger videos to see the diggers shoveling great piles of glass and pottery shards back into the hole...
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    Bottles turning purple?

    Do you have a link to the video? A tall mountain would have more intense UV exposure: Other than the UV intesity consideration, and exercise value if the kids are humping the bottles up the mountain on their backs, it does seem a questionable practice at best.
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    Late 1800,s to early 1900,s amber whiskey

    Turning would normally erase that seam, though I have seen a few where it was not totally obliterated. In those cases, the seam is still visible, though muted, not sharp. I'm thinking a couple factors could affect the appearance of the horizontal seam. One might be how tight the mold itself...
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    Late 1800,s to early 1900,s amber whiskey

    It was not blown in a three-piece mold. If it had been, you would at the very least see the seam running around the cylinder portion of the bottle below the shoulder. And at that, it would have to be positioned 90-degrees out from the photographer's position for one of the vertical seams to not...
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    What is everyone's favorite hutch bottle?

    Given the intensity of color, that was my initial response upon scrolling to the photo; and it remains my opinion. You have a beautiful assortment nevertheless, though frankly, I'd prefer that people not irradiate bottles other than by leaving them out in the sunshine.
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    What is everyone's favorite hutch bottle?

    That's a nice selection. I like that you have one from "up river" among the bunch. I worked out of Fort Snelling for a couple years. One week per month, our crew traveled to various Army Reserve centers in WI and MN. I saw many intriguing locations on those trips, particularly along the banks of...
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    New guy with new guy questions

    On average, though I don't actually attempt to track the insulator market, I believe your insulators will average more than a dollar each. Because the majority seem to be slicks (bottles not adorned with embossed brand advertisement and/or images) with a high percentage of machine-made...
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    St. Patrick’s Day Sodas

    I had similar experience with my German mother.
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    St. Patrick’s Day Sodas

    Personally, I got into bottles out of my interest in in history and genuine handmade, BIM antiques; but, I have to say that is a beautiful assortment! It doesn't hurt that green is probably my favorite bottle glass color. As to picking one, I can't; but it would be one of the central trio if I...
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    New guy with new guy questions

    Generally, I am more interested in bottles. Don't get me wrong, you might own some great and valuable bottles, but I have not seen them in your photos yet. To my eye, the photo you attached to your posting contained more insulators that looked like they might have value than it did bottles of...
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    Pricey bottles

    Are you still on topic?
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    GPR use saves hours probing!

    Hey Frank, I looked first to make sure that you did not post this on 01 April. That bit of due diligence dispensed with, I am quite interest in following your adventures. Indeed, should you have any success, I think your endeavors would make the subject of a super interesting YouTube channel...
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    Pricey bottles

    Everyone begins somewhere.
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    New guy with new guy questions

    Welcome to the forum Dink1957; and condolences on the passing of your father. Speaking for myself, I would welcome seeing additional examples of your bottles and insulators. Like RobbyBobby, I am more taken by the insulators I see, rather than the bottles that are apparent in your first photos...
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    New guy with new guy questions

    Thanks for that tidbit sandchip. While I am familiar with fire polishing, I never knew that it was applied to machine-made milk bottles in that manner.

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