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    Vintage bottles galore.

    Nice finds!
  2. C

    My Grandfather's Milk Bottles

    I’m Assuming you have this link too. Pretty nice description of the dairies in Holden Ma. Your ancestors operation seems relatively small so may be even tougher to find them, but you’ll be all the more happy when you do. Here’s a few of mine I dug. http://www.holdenhistory.org/holden_dairies.htm
  3. C

    My Grandfather's Milk Bottles

    Agree with the experts here on chances in the open purchase markets. My take on this is that your best bet may be (assuming you are near Worcester or Holden) to go in search of a bottle dump around those areas. I found many local milks from the 20s - quarts all the way to gills (1/4 pt) in a...
  4. C

    Five for Friday!

    Great posts. Hemi did a five for Friday times10!! Awesome collections
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    My display ”case”.

    Very astute observations gentlemen. The Pepsi and the Egg Harbor bottling are the only two in that window seat photo grouping that I bought. Egg harbor soda bottle, Wm Hoffman proprietor. It’s 7 oz. I bought from a south jersey friend near my shore house on Long Beach Island. It has very nice...
  6. C

    New Coca Cola LED Display Shelf

    Good job, I like the lighting a lot.
  7. C

    My display ”case”.

    Going to build a more permanent shelving/case at some point but for now a nice sunny front bay window does just fine. The wife actually likes the display or is at least tolerating it. Nothing fancy, no blob tops or hutches, but nearly all dug by me, a couple TOC type bottles like the SCA...
  8. C

    Little jar found inside of big jar preserving the label

    Nice. After all the naked olive jars I’ve found, it’s nice to see what one looks like with its label on.
  9. C

    Rare NJ milk: Sheppards dairy

    Nice find. Do you collect from all of NJ or only near Mt. holly.
  10. C

    A few more yesterday

    Good suggestion
  11. C

    A few more yesterday

    I recently dug my first milk bottle that has the date code of 33 surrounding the E code. Most of the ones I have dug are from late 20’s with the two digit code elsewhere on the base. This TREH is from a dairy in Hoboken, NJ Harper Wieboldt that I can’t find anything about other than a brief...
  12. C

    A few more yesterday

    I like the quart Delong’s a lot. The large D on the base is a sorting letter used to help them quickly sort out which bottles belonged to which dairies. Is there an mTc along the heel. If so, The center E may mean it’s made in Elmira bottling plant by Thatcher glass. Also looks like a date code...
  13. C

    A few more yesterday

    Nice Assortment. Post some pix of the small milks (and bases) when they are cleaned up
  14. C

    Decent day at the burn dump excellent condition Gordon's gin Boar's Head

    Your boar's head shape is quite close to mine. Best guess would be 1910-1920 when prohibition kicked in. It's possible it is earlier than 1910 by a bit, but there isn't any definitive way to know, and the crudeness of the glass (bubbles, thickness diffs etc) are a sign of a bottle that is in the...
  15. C

    Decent day at the burn dump excellent condition Gordon's gin Boar's Head

    Just interested in seeing the wacky boar's head from the base of your bottle, sorry if I missed it. There are at least 8-12 versions of the boar that I’ve seen. Here is my GOrdon's collection, the aqua one is similar in age to yours it looks like. Lots of bubbles and uneven glass. I Also have...
  16. C

    New to site, Happy to be here!

    Ditto - welcome, and I have been here since October 2020, found a bottle dump on my daily hikes during covid. Lot's of knowledgeable people on here, posting questions and pictures of what you find is the best way to learn.
  17. C

    Decent day at the burn dump excellent condition Gordon's gin Boar's Head

    very nice - let's see the boar's head. There are many variations.
  18. C

    1880's violin scroll flask? Salem oak / Jersey devil.

    I am actually local. North Jersey guy my whole life. Just bought a beach house in LBI. Agreed everyone calls it Jersey Devil NOW. my point to Robby was before 1900 it wasn’t really known as Jersey devil so having that name and image on a flask from late 1800s would have been odd. As you and the...
  19. C

    My first display

    very nice
  20. C

    what is it

    I'm thinking insect trap of some kind. Looks a lot like today's japanese beetle traps, only attached to a mason jar! The yellow color attracts them, wasps too. so perhaps an old wasp trap, the jar filled with sweet liquid??

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