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    Interesting location. Does it have potential? I think so.

    Would certainly be worth heading back to have a look. I don't see any cross-arms in the picture so not 100% sure they're telegraph poles. I'd suggest using the past imagery feature on Street View to see if that stretch had telegraph poles in earlier years.
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    Crack, yes or ?

    Looks like a manufacturing flaw to me
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    Hi Folks, I am from Britain or the UK, and am collecting pottery bottles and crocks from all over Scotland.

    Yeah we get ginger beers and pot lids here which were made in the UK for Canadian companies, although both are a lot rarer than they are in the UK. Somehow we totally avoided getting cream pots though.
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    Hi Folks, I am from Britain or the UK, and am collecting pottery bottles and crocks from all over Scotland.

    Wow those dairy pots have some great graphics on them! We don't get anything like those on this side of the Atlantic.
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    came across a friendly roadside snake

    Yeah I don't envy you guys who live in places where you have to worry about getting bitten by something venomous. Only thing I worry about getting bitten by here is ticks with lyme disease. And coyotes I guess.
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    WINSOR NEWTON Small Bottle( HELP) Identify

    They still use that dragon on their products today. (Actually it looks more like a griffin when it's more detailed)
  7. C

    Cute little bottle. But I don’t know the specifics about it.

    Maybe a spice bottle? It looks reminiscent of modern day spice bottles.
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    WINSOR NEWTON Small Bottle( HELP) Identify

    Winsor & Newton is an art supplies company. Yours is probably a paint bottle or something similar. Never seen that one before!
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    came across a friendly roadside snake

    Looks to me like a common water snake, nerodia sipedon. That's really cool to spot, I've never come across one before!
  10. C

    fair price?

    Would really depend on what kind of pontil bottle you're talking about. Do you mean unembossed pontil bottles? And an unembossed blob? Embossed ones would really depend on the collecting market in the area that it's from.
  11. C

    Orange Crush soda can from late 80's

    I really like the graphic design of those 80s and early 90s cans. Much better than the photorealistic designs that followed in the late 90s and 00s.
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    Seeking info

    Welcome to the forum! The purple jar I think is modern and decorative. The squat aqua one looks a lot like a Bixby shoe polish bottle, might have been an imitator. Not sure about the clear ornate one, looks like it likely has some age to it and doesn't look right for a modern decorative...
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    What about cardboard bottles?

    Wow that's very cool! I guess it must not have been carbonated, never seen flat birch beer before.
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    Finds within a house foundation

    The clear one says "1 Hygeia". It's a pharmacy bottle, I think Hygeia would have just been the brand of bottle rather than anything to do with the contents.
  15. C

    Little jar found inside of big jar preserving the label

    Wow that's in great condition, best condition label I've seen pulled from a dump I think. You'll need to clean it very slowly and carefully. I'd use a damp q-tip around the label. Not sure what would be the best tool to clean the inside, I'd probably try to put something together that's as...
  16. C

    Was this a purple J&IEM ink? or was it the ink on the inside

    I don't remember seeing many Victorian letters written in purple ink before. I feel that a lot of the time it is due to colour change but I'm not certain. Interesting that you found one actually marked as purple.
  17. C

    The dump she does provide.

    An ABM blob top from the US? That's a pretty unusual find! Can't remember seeing many of those before. Nice find!
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    Was this a purple J&IEM ink? or was it the ink on the inside

    I'm certain it's aqua glass with purple ink inside. The purple comes to a distinct edge where the contents would have been and then is much lighter above that, and not visible at all on the neck which is clearly aqua. You can also see the edge of the base as aqua in the lower right of the...
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    Can’t find anything on this one. It’s intriguing!

    That's definitely a more unusual find, it's a Royal Bond embalming fluid bottle! Here's one with the label:
  20. C

    Some more of my bottles I found.

    If I can make out the date codes correctly it looks like the 7Ups are from 1969 and 1966, and the Pepsi is from 1942. Someone else feel free to correct me if I got those wrong, I tend to assume that double digits which would be a plausible date are always date codes on American sodas but not...

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