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    Horlick's Malted Milk Bottle Age

    Top of the dome this looks like a mid 1910s- mid 20s bottle to me.
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    Newton soda

    Wow! A great Ny bottle, love to see it. Great color. If you don't mind saying, how much did it run you? I'd like to pick one up eventually and am wondering what I'm in for
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    Confederate Statues or Losing Minds Over History

    Don't think something inherently has value just because it's old. Bottle diggers regularly leave 100-120 year old bottles at the hole, which is admittedly a poor comparison but you get the point. A lot of the confederate statues aren't memorials to the men who died, they're fantasy pieces put up...
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    How to get an insulator off of a metal mounting?

    Thanks for the vice tip. Worked great
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    Is this one old

    Looks new to me. 1950s-90s. That color + no wear on base + few air bubbles
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    How to get an insulator off of a metal mounting?

    Found this Chance ceramic insulator while wandering around the woods, but it's stuck to a metal pole. Anyone know how to remove it? I can turn it side to side a bit like it's gonna unscrew out but after I turn it too far one way or the other it won't budge.
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    “HERE” “3” shard ?

    The bit of embossing to the left of the H looks like an R for sure
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    What was this bottle used for?

    Four roses is a whiskey brand. Been around since 1888. I think its related to/owned by the same people who own Paul jones.
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    Was this a purple J&IEM ink? or was it the ink on the inside

    Auction is already over. Went for 380. There was also a 1850s table teacher's bell and maybe 6 or 7 old nib ink pens in the lot. When I was picking up some other bottles I bought the auctioneer mentioned that the ink lady had said she didn't want the bell and that the auctioneer could keep it...
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    The dump she does provide.

    Nice. Love the slight bend to the neck
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    Was this a purple J&IEM ink? or was it the ink on the inside

    The light neck definitely put me off it. The amber examples I saw had dark necks
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    Was this a purple J&IEM ink? or was it the ink on the inside

    Here's a lot of inks I was bidding on. The labelled Diamond turtle ink is nice and I liked the paneled ink in the back, but my main interest was the J & IEM on the right. It looks like it might be purple. I know that there's some pretty rare J & IEM variants out there, but there's only maybe 1...
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    Wooden Beer Crates.

    Got a crate today, remembered this thread. 40s-50s I'm pretty sure
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    Figured I'd add to the historical record. A Patchogue Bottling Co hutch + it's obscure brother
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    Dug 6 hutch and lots of broke ones today

    Thats a great day in my book! My one day record is 3. (Also my total count as of yet, unfortunately)
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    Got a lightning jar, can the metal closure be brought back?

    Picked this up today for a steal. Not well versed in jars but I'm pretty sure this is an 1880s one. It's in perfect condition except for the metal closure, which has been mouldering in a farmhouses basement for 140 years. Is there any way to bring back metal this far gone? If not, what's the...
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    Super seedy chestnut bottle + some kind of decanter from a farm house! Could use some ID help + chestnut experts

    Picked these two up today. Was gonna wait until tommorow to post because the chestnut looks unbelievable in sunlight but ill just add some when I get a chance. Take a look! I have some questions about both I'll scatter in the image descriptions. I included the quarter and stopper for a size...
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    Killer one of a kind Sign.

    WOW. Didn't know signs could come out a hole that nice.

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