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    where i was digging

    The Crematory The crematory was constructed in 1934, by contractor Caid Carson. It operated approximately eight years. Dead animals that might be a health hazard were burned in it. A few years ago Henry R. Britton sued and won against the city of Corsicana. They planned to use it for a...
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    shipwreck bottles

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/47461215 in 4000ft of water 1800 to 1830 .
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    anyone think this will be an issue if i list it on ebay . it has ingredients , but they dried up long ago.thought about listing this one and a newer version with it . removing the cork and washing the black gunk out would ruin the label .
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    reverse safe warners

    this has a beautiful patina on it,almost artistic . thought of charlie with this one .
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    recent dr pepper pick ups

    picked up the acl today and the med a few months ago . didnt know that the bottle cap design was used only in 1955 . and i wasnt sure what states the were used in . i will be listing these on fleabay soon .
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    texas patent med

    picked this up today with texasdigger in mind . cant seem to find any info on it though . it would go well with his single stroke antiseptic . sam
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    for charlie

    here ya go
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    i have dug a few of these and have seen others posting asking what they were . know we know . INECTO
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    for charlie and epackage

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    any ideas? sam
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    stephen , i was at my fathers house last weekend and noticed a poison bottle on his knick-knack shelf . it was unknown to me and i did not have my camera . but was hoping you could id it for me . it is 3 inches tall , triangle , amber , two sides have poison on it . the edges of the triangle...
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    uncle jo clear 8 oz

    got the ft worth one in a box of bottles in granbury . found the other one in a creek in ftworth today , and its a shreveport , la . both are three rivers bottles . they are 8oz deco style . problem is i cannot find a pic of them anywhere on the net . amber yes but clear no . are the clear...
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    texas meds

    got these in a box of bottles the other day . lost texas diggers phone # . some small town druggists . 2 from hillsboro texas 2 from cleburne 1 from oak cliff texas
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    specific remedy

    was wondering if anyone has any info on this one . got it in a box of bottle sthe other day . dr j.f. churchills thanks sam
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    picked up these two the other day and was wondering about them . anyone how to date code the papa . junior has a weird mark on the bottom . thought of madman when i was buying them . you gotta love it when acl and embossing comes together .
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    weird white crock

    i need some help identifying this shape of crock . it was part of the stuff i bought that was dug in ft worth ,most of it was toc . thanks sam
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    game called waa-hoo

    anyone remember a marble board game named waa-hoo (not sure on spelling) . my grandfather made a wooden board and we played a marble game when i was a kid . i remember onetime him getting up and throwing the marbles and board out the backdoor because he was losing . (very poor sport) . my...
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    crock liquor canteen

    a new friend dropped this off last night and i was able to find out it was made from 1893 to 1903 . then the store changed names . would it be worth repairing the handle ? does anyone on this site do that? or would selling as is on ebay be the better option . i think there are a few members from...
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    bp oil spill

    you gotta watch this . sam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AAa0gd7ClM its hilarious and somewhat true about the way they handle things .

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