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    This is a KX-? Bug poison. Would have to do a lot of digging to see if this is documented or not. But initial hunt has not found it yet. Bug Poison and Formaldehyde bottles are the only 2 classification we have that go by its contents rather than bottle shape. Not sure the reasoning behind it.
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    Unmarked poison?

    As soon as a saw that I flashed back. That’s a Bawlz! But others spotted that fact also. Still a cool bottle design.
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    Neat poison jar found in river bank

    My guess this is a KC-50. Came with a snap on lid, usually missing. Came in 2 sizes, 4.75 and 5.87”. Less common bottle.
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    KU 18 Cobalt Coffin Poison BIM Questions

    RE: the cobalt KU-18. The flakes could be impurity’s. I do see a lot of seed bubbles. As for the extra bumps, I looked at all out 3” examples and I’m finding them on em too. Very nice example you have there.
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    A hobnail lysol I dug last March, are these rare? Only one I've ever found

    So with all that, what size is this? I’m missing 2 sizes in my collection.
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    A hobnail lysol I dug last March, are these rare? Only one I've ever found

    Things keep coming to mind. Yes, traditionally Lysol came in Jug style bottles. And to see this with a Lysol label doesn’t necessarily mean that this is what came in it. Seen many applied labels people would attach to random antique bottles and try to pass them off. But it was the only one of...
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    A hobnail lysol I dug last March, are these rare? Only one I've ever found

    Ok, had to look on my own site to refresh my memory. Here is what I have: KU-17 4 of the 6 known sizes from BDH (British Drug House). 5 3/4”, 4 3/4”, 3 1/2” & 2 1/2”. 3 1/2” is the most common, All other sizes are fairly hard to find. We have only seen 1 bottle with a label, and it said “Lysol”...
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    A hobnail lysol I dug last March, are these rare? Only one I've ever found

    This is a KU-17 English Poison . Depending on the size will rate it between Scarce to Rare very rare. The rarest of the sizes are the 2.5” and the 8” I believe. Not sure on the 8” is entirely the correct measurement. Been a long time talking bottles. There are 5 sizes in all. The others are...
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    Applied top poison

    It's a KO-4. Somewhat scarce if I remember. At work and do t have my books.
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    The Common KV-1, actually worth something.

    You held onto the best of the 2. Congrats on the find
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    Poison bottle? Light amethyst. many small "hobnails" for feel. BIMAL

    Definitely perfume at that's size.
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    Bottle ID

    I can't see it on my phone, but definitely English Poison. If I was at home could give you it's designation.
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    New Collector

    Heather, welcome to the forum. You can get to the APBCA by clicking on the link: http://www.poisonbottleclub.org/ Got lots of info there and who to contact. Also, we have a quarterly newsletter that sometimes has a for sale page from other members. So there would be a great place to find...
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    Two word game

    Speed Freak
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    Amber Tinct not known to me

    Ok, back onto this. These come in Amber and Clear. 1oz, 1/2 oz and 1/4 oz. Price ranges from $75 to $125. Clear only known in 1/2 oz, and is the rarest fetching $500.
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    Hartz Poison

    The Hartz is a very desirable Canadian poison indeed. They have non poisons as well. I have never had the money to buy one back in the heavy collecting days. Maybe down the road will pick it back up.
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    Cobalt Blue Poison

    The cobalt one is a KV-6, but is not a poison. Can read more here: http://www.poisonousaddiction.com/html/impostors.html The amber is a KV-1. Very common as it has quite the range of sizes and variations. Some of them, however, are rare and can be worth some good coin. But the one you have is...
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    Question about a poison bottle,

    Must of missed this notification. Digging out the books now ;-) It's a KR-37. I believe it's English as it's not in my American book. It's common. Got it listed in Cobalt and clear ranging form 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 inches. Should have a B embossed on the base. Could be a veterinary bottle, if...
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    I'm Leaving The Forum Indefinitely

    Not sure the age of this thread, but I hope you get well Spirit Bear.
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    Cobalt Blue Poison

    Your amathyst one is just a sun drenched clear. There are many sizes and slight variants to this bottle. It is cabadian. They are listed as KR-10 and are somewhat scarce, but the sheer number of sizes and variants make them appear more common. Prices range all over the place because of this...

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