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    where i was digging

    a short history on the sodas from there . http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~txnavarr/stories/under_the_electric_light_tower.htm
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    where i was digging

    sorry wrong pic
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    where i was digging

    street scene .
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    where i was digging

    a few other photos
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    where i was digging

    The Crematory The crematory was constructed in 1934, by contractor Caid Carson. It operated approximately eight years. Dead animals that might be a health hazard were burned in it. A few years ago Henry R. Britton sued and won against the city of Corsicana. They planned to use it for a...
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    shipwreck bottles

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/47461215 in 4000ft of water 1800 to 1830 .
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    A Heaping Dessert Spoonful

    its a wyeth dose cup/cap . came in 2 sizes that i know of .
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    Stone jar?

    good looking crock/jar .
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    hey jay good to hear from you as well . couldnt make it to the show spent the week in the neuro icu ward . wife had surgery. gonna try to have my long awaited garage sale tomorrow without her. she can the show from the recliner . maybe next year . i will post some new sodas i found one is a 8...
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    Getting a metal detector. Which brand do you recommend?

    Finally having my first garage sale in 3 yrs . my dad brought over a metal detector garrett ultra gta 500 crosssfire supreme to sell . played with it for a few minutes and it beats the heck out of my 2 whites coinmasters . i was gonna ask 30 for it and he gave 20 at a garage sale , but on second...
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    thanks for all the input . i was gonna put this in with another style chero, empty of course . this looks to be 4 or 5 oz . heavy though . forgot about the box of labeled meds i bought last yr and ran across this . hands are still dirty from digging through the shed .
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    anyone think this will be an issue if i list it on ebay . it has ingredients , but they dried up long ago.thought about listing this one and a newer version with it . removing the cork and washing the black gunk out would ruin the label .
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    Brought some Coke over the border from Columbia...

    dallas and houston are the only 2 i have , or have seen from texas.
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    My collection of Texas patent medicines

    and this one 1910
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    My collection of Texas patent medicines

    found this article 1906
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    My collection of Texas patent medicines

    your voicemail is full .
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    reverse safe warners

    the back .
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    reverse safe warners

    the side
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    reverse safe warners

    it has infected the panes as well . not as heavily though .

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