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    J B Smith’s Hair Invigorator & Restorative

    Picked this up today... not much found on google. It was advertised in a Butler, Pa newspaper in late 1800’s. Can’t find the bottle, anyone have information on where J B Smith was located?
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    Loose’ Red Clover Extract Detroit

    Picked this up a while back. Could not find much on the bottle? I like the label ... anyone know how rare / common it is?
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    A.D. Richmond New Bedford ... Spittoon??

    I picked this up at an antique store last week. I bought it because of the "A.D. Richmond New Bedford" stamping. He was an earlier 1800's coppersmith who's items seem very desirable. The object is copper with silver plating. The tag said "spittoon", but I have my doubts. The removable cone...
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    Cleveland blobs..a few unlisted

    I haven't posted in a while so I thought I would share some decent Cleveland blobs we've (my son lives in the Cleveland area and has started collecting) picked up over the past year. The Guenther is my favorite but the Schlitz is probably the coolest. I cannot find another Beltz in this style...
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    John O'Reilly Jersey City Hutch

    Thought maybe the Jersey collectors would have some idea on rarity. My son has gotten the bug and bought a group of sodas and this was in it. There is no damage...it has a bubble / amber streak running above the slug plate. The bottom is unusually rounded. Not much found with my google...
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    Massillon Ohio bottles

    Always looking for Massillon Ohio and surrounding area bottles. Thanks, Rob
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    Flask - Blotted out embossing

    Pint strap sided flask with every letter blotted out. Thought maybe someone on the forum could match it up with one they have? It looks like two initials and the name "x x xxxxxx" / xxxxxx / xxxx . I was hoping the last two lines were city and state OHIO maybe? Any ideas?
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    Large amber Ground Top Fruit Jar?

    This is a big one. Looks like a gallon (Next to a quart 1858). Embossed X on bottom. Standard size ball lid. Fruit Jar?
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    Pomeroy Blood & Liver Purifier - Rare?

    T.C. Pomeroy MD Blood & Liver Purifier. Some google searches are not yielding too much on the bottle. Dr. T.C. (Theodore Clapp) is from Cortland, NY (on the label as well). Has anyone seen this one before?
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    Odd Closure Tiffany & Allen Paterson

    I have not seen this type of "stopper" before. Anyone know what the closure is called? The bottle is Tiffany & Allen / Paterson NJ. The "flip down arm" is broke (found taped together in the bottom of the bottle) when i bought it (glued together for the pics). The bottle has a chip on the...
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    Help with bottle - WW1 or earlier?

    The bottle is 8 sided and reads "ESERCITO ITALIANO". This stands for Italian Army. The seem stops at the top of the shoulder and the bottle has a thin tooled lip. There are a few bubbles and some white particles embedded in the glass. The bottle is 6" x 2". Anyone have any idea what it was...
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    NY Sodas - Lord / Utica squat and Eaton / Little Falls hutch

    Picked up a couple more sodas today. The squat- "Avery N. Lord / Utica NY" is embossed vertical. Googled it and found some interesting articles on Mr. Lord. The "Wm. J. Eaton / Little Falls NY" hutchinson remains a mystery. Anyone have any info?
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    Tejadillo Habana (Cuba) Pharmacy Druggist Bottle?

    Another first for me. "Dr. Arturo C. Bosque" in script. "Tejadillo No.38 Habana" Embossed in the circle "Farmacia La Caridad". What are the odds - I can't find a local Massillon Druggist but I can find this. Anyone else seen one of these before?
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    United States Preserving Co. Pittsburg, Pa

    Anyone know what these jars contained? Pickles? I don't see them around too often, any idea on how common they are? Eagle and shield embossing is interesting.
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    Forest City Bottling Works PA Hutch

    Picked this up over the weekend. Appears to be pretty rare. I have not found anything with the fluted base or the angling letters. Any info?
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    Belanich Bros. / Voorhees Somerville NJ

    I bought these two together. The C.L. Voorhees is from Somerville NJ and appears to be somewhat common. Anyone know if the Belanich Bros / Gehring Beer / 665 Hamilton St. is also from New Jersey? Any info on it?
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    Henery Zelt Washington Pa Blob quart

    I can't find much on this quart blob beer. "Henery Zelt Washington, Pa." Bottom is embossed 2 / DOC / 7. Common / Rare ?
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    Koken Barbers Supply Co. St. Louis

    The name on the bottle is the same company that makes the famous barber chairs. I don't know exactly what was in the bottle, but my main question is whether the milk glass stopper is standard with these? I bought the bottle with the stopper in it and will eventually sell it the same way. The...
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    16 sided cone ink - rare?

    Here is an ink I picked up a few weeks ago. In researching it, I noticed there are not very many 16 sided inks out there. It has no embossing and a smooth base. Any idea's of a manufacturer or how common / rare these are?
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    Dr. Teague's Medicated Air Inhaler

    I was reading through the "Antique Inhalers" post in the Suggest a Website Category (excellent discussion) and thought I had dug one a few years back. After a little bit of looking I found it. DR. TEAGUE'S / MEDICATED AIR / INHALER The bottle is 8 sided with a tooled top (nice stretch marks...

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