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    Still looking for KY bottles

    Looking for KY bottles mostly from Maysville, Blue Licks, Mt. Olivet, Augusta, Flemingsburg, Carlisle or other nearby areas. I collect all types of bottles medicine, milk, soda or other just let me know what you got. Thanks Mike
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    1/2 Pint Ball jar

    Does anyone know if they made 1/2 pint square blue ball jars with screw on lids was just wondering if they even existed at one time or another. Thanks for your help.
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    Finding Blue Ball Jar

    How hard is it to find a 1/2 gallon Square Blue Ball Mason Jar? I have a quart and pint looking for a 1/2 gallon. My wife's Grandmother has 2 but she won't part with one says they belonged to her Mother or Grandmother. When where they produced would also help. Thanks
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    Anyone know this dairy?

    I picked this milk bottle up at a local Estate sale and thought it might be local or surrounding area to me but have not found anything yet so any help is greatly appreciated. Say Lewis B Flynn has a 4 leaf clover and says Phone 1111
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    Best and Safest way to clean etched glass

    I just bought and etched glass seltzer bottle and the inside needs to be cleaned what is the best and safest way to clean it with out hurting the etching or the bottle. Thanks
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    KY bottles wanted

    Hello all I am looking for KY bottles from around my area Carlisle, Blue Licks, Maysville, Flemingsburg or other close by. It don't matter what type of bottle such as medicine, milk, soda or whiskey just looking for bottles I might not have. If possible post a pic and price. Thank you.
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    Back for more

    Hello all it has been a while since I have posted or even been around so long so that I forgot my password and we even have built a house in between time. I have not stopped collecting though and it has even somewhat gotten out of control in some people standards but I still enjoy it. Here are...
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    KY Bottles, jars or crocks

    Hello I am looking for any Blue Licks, Maysville, Sardis, Carlisle or Flemingsburg KY bottles, jars ,milk bottles or crocks. I have family in all the area and frequent them often so I collect the local stuff and I am always on the look out for more. Let me know if you have anything you want to...
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    Unique to me jar

    This is an Indepent mason Jar with a glass screw on lid. This is the only one I have seen in my area but I am sure there are more. Bought at a yard sale for $4. Top of lid say PAT DATE 1882
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    Some of my bottles

    These are not really anyhting special but I like them because they are local.
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    New from KY

    Hello All I am new to the froum I mostly collect a little of everything from guns, stoneware, bottles, and knives. I mostly collect stuff local to me as do most I presume. I live close to Maysville, KY so I try to find some of that area stuff as well as Bluelicks(Robertson County) Carlisle...

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