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  1. peejrey

    Middle Tennessee Area

    Looking for some like-minded folks in the Middle Tennessee area. I haven’t dug in a long while, butI know of a few spots worth while. Also love going to flea markets, and junk stores. I have a car that gets good gas mileage and the AC blows cold. I’m 26 and am not getting younger so I wanna do...
  2. peejrey

    First time in 4 years

    It’s been a while. I was surprised to find that chrome still had my login details. I was 14 when I started collecting glass, but I had a mild interest well back into my single digits starting out with my grandparents Avon bottles. The colors, shapes, and smells (obviously) had me intrigued. 4...
  3. peejrey

    Packing up

    Well the time has come, and I'm getting ready to move into my own home. This unfortunately means I have around 500-600 glass items to pack, label, and move to their new home(s). However, while I was packing I decided to shoot a couple off with my camera for fun, and this is what I came up with...
  4. peejrey

    2 New Ones

    Went to a local Flea Market over the weekend, and found a guy liquidating his glass.. however.. This guy knew his prices, and how to make a collector loose his mind. $1 for the Label, but $10 for the embossed local-sadly I have a soft spot for things that were made here. So I walked away with...
  5. peejrey

    Growing Up & Cleaning Out

    Well, it's come to this then.. I've just gotten my first full time job working for a call center about an hour from here. Working 2:45 to 11:30 PM. It's not a bad shift nor a bad company, plus the pay is quite good for the job. However I have been renovating around here, and am running out of...
  6. peejrey

    Old Quaker

    Was at school a week or two ago, and had one of our new guys come up and was watching me work on the forum.. He asked me if I was a glass collector, I said "yeah, was a hobby of mine before I got into IT" he laughed and said he had found a bunch of old bottles in the woods behind his house and...
  7. peejrey

    Got a few on hold..

    Went to an estate sale yesterday, first one, or better said the first antique event I've been to in a while.. Nothing much at the sale, some local crocks, and a lot of 20's+ sodas, but nothing of too much interest.. So-bored, we decided to hit some local shops just for fun (Michael a friend of...
  8. peejrey

    Plastic plant fire

    So last Wednsday im sitting in class, (a half day) getting ready to clean up for the vacation and I get this text.. Wrigley plastic company on fire, school is being evacuated.. It was my mom, whom is a substitute teacher at my old high school. So I go online and find out that a plant that...
  9. peejrey

    ABN Video Series

    Yes that's right, I got tired of all the useless applications on this Mac and decided to have some fun. Since our software upgrade we have been adding new members everyday, so I decided to possible make using our forum easier. This is the first video in a line of about four, each will consist of...
  10. peejrey

    5th Annual ABN Christmas Bottle Exchange

    The following message has been updated: ***************************************************************************Revised 12/2/13The information will be the same as last year, and as follows:Well ladies and gentlemen, it is upon us again to start our end of the year www.antique-bottles.net...
  11. peejrey

    Pepsi Clock

    Hey everyone, haven't posted in a while on account of nothing really been happening. Decide i could spend a little, and went to a local car wash that was converted into a junk store. Tons of stuff to looks through, with no rhyme or reason, but all in all a cool place. There was this back area...
  12. peejrey

    Check this RARE one out

    Just thought I'd pop in and say something real quick instead of lurking,[&:] so here's something funny I found while browsing away at the other section of ebay.. Other bottles that is, and other is right. Got a little money stock piled for a rainy day so I might just make the opening bid...
  13. peejrey

    Beautiful Flasks

    I really don't collect much of them, but If I had the money I would snap on these... http://www.ebay.com/itm/ANTIQUE-LOT-OF-3-LATE-1800s-WHISKEY-LIQUOR-FLASK-1-2-PINT-BOTTLES-/221188751572?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item337fe080d4
  14. peejrey


    Gonna try to do this upload of multiple pictures thing..
  15. peejrey

    Not liking the weather too much..

    Woke up at 3 this morning with our siren going off...Flew down the steps to the basement and wathed the doppler. Damn thing missed us by 2-3 miles to our south. Got some hood inflow during it to take some roof out of our greenhouse, and take down the flag pole, but the scarriest was the power...
  16. peejrey

    I'd like to locate something (Another Wanted Add)

    I'd like to throw this one out there just to see if I can find....well anyone who might have a Cobalt blue E. O. Ottenvile Nashville TN for sale, or trade. I have only ever had 1 of these, but was in horrible nearly 2-piece condition. It was traded to a forum member long ago.. Any info on the...
  17. peejrey

    I need advice..

    This is coming from just an hour after loosing my dinner to the gall—Bladder. They have to remove it.. What should i expect before and after surgery? In some pain, now, and am pretty worried. Any help is great.. Thanks guys, going to see a surgeon at Vandy tomorrow. _Preston
  18. peejrey

    Pics 'n' Such, and What I've been up to..

    So since I bought my first DSLR camera back in early September, I have been going ape with taking pictures. I believe I have taken about 4500 in the last 3 moths or so.. So I thought I'd show off a bit of my work. I have been working close with my school newspaper, and yearbook staff, and have...
  19. peejrey

    Opinion On This Group

    I've been considering contacting this guy about this group of apothecaries, seeing as the price looks as good as the bottles do. Any info on this choice would be great! Preston http://nashville.craigslist.org/atq/3216571752.html
  20. peejrey

    Got bored-doing some photography

    It's a bright day out side, so I decided to take some window pics...I really didn't want to post them in the Clear bottle section because I have many that aren't. [;)] Here though is my small group of Area druggists, I was able to maneuver the bottles to make it to where you could only see the...

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