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    Temperance Beer

    Somebody here in Calgary has found a stash of these Golden West Brewing labels and they are bleeding them out slowly. They show up at shows, malls, etc. as stand alones and pasted onto bottles onto which the label don't belong. However, yours maybe legit, as it wasn't uncommon for breweries to...
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    Wanted: Good, clean Canadian medicine, drugstore and poison bottles. Please DM.

    I seek most especially colour, age and stories to go with the bottles.
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    Newfoundland bottle collection

    Shoot, I'm too late. I'd pay good money for Nfld. meds I don't have in my collection.
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    Country Club Beverages - Mimico/Toronto Ontario soda bottle

    Gene Merikallio was behind Country Club, of Sarnia and Timmins. He owned Coke franchises in both cities, with Country Club being a side project of his. Coke HQ was not too happy to have a franchisee competing against the Coke brand with his own brand, so he was given a choice. This explains why...
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    For Paddy's Day, here are some Irish-Canadians from my collection.

    Left to right: J.D. Higginbotham, Lethbridge, Alberta, circa 1895 (Anglo-Irish ancestry -- indeed, there's evidence that his surname is not English in origin but an Anglicized expansion of the Irish name Higgins -- he established the first true stand-alone retail pharmacy in Alberta) T. Eaton...
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    frustrated by seller who won't ship bottle

    Fact: most of what we collect was produced in quantity. Fact: this means another example of that bottle you need is usually out there. Fact: there are a lot of loopy, lazy, ignorant (truest sense of the word), shifty, difficult, and/or absent-minded people out there. Fact: when such people play...
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    Estate Sale beginning - kijiji ads - 1000 Bottles

    Regarding Canada Post's parcel rates, think about how much it costs to run a car. The current acceptable tax write-off in Canada is 59 cents per km. So, if you we out to garage sales or antique show such that you clocked a total of 50 km, then the total cost (gas, wear and tear, etc.) is about...
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    I feel for Texans because they're simply not equipped to deal with that kind of snow. And why would they be? Here in Calgary, we set a daily snowfall record. The day with the single greatest dump of snow we ever had was not in December, not in January, not in February, not in March. Nope, we set...
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    4Oz Cobalt Blue Poison...

    Nice lighter cobalt Canadian poison! It dates to the 1910s, and will be marked "RIGO" on the base for "RIchards Glass CO." of Toronto, distributors of these bottles. They were made by Dominion Glass Co.
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    Finnish Bottling Works - M Talso - Cobalt Ont

    From a business newspaper, August, 1919: "Cobalt, Ont.—August 12—The building at the corner of Earl Street and Thompson Avenue, owned by Mrs. M. Talso, was destroyed. No insurance." The M maybe for this person. Then again, it was likely her husband or a male relative who did the bottling.
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    Just found, question on value

    The electric vaporizers show up in Canada regularly. In fact, I've had several over the years and the only way I can get rid of them is to put them in job lots. The lamp-types, for obvious reasons, grab more attention. Thanks for posting.
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    Wm Henderson - Cobalt Ont soda water bottle

    Boom towns always drove me nuts when it came to research. Some guys set up shop for a month or two and that was that. They didn't get noticed by the directory compilers. This bottle has to be quite rare.
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    Rough on Rats poster

    I wasn't implying we keep score literally, just that it's a great find.
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    Rough on Rats poster

    And the winner for go-with of the year so far is . . . awesome score!!!
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    Blackwoods hutch bottle Winnipeg Manitoba

    Pre-Winnipeg Blackwoods' history chain: Montreal, Quebec (father's business, I think), St. Thomas, Ontario, Sarnia, Ontario (my hometown, in fact), Rat Portage (Kenora), Ontario. They hit a goldmine in a Winnipeg that was pretty much wide open for the first one in who had the capital to break...
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    this is a new shape that was dug at the new site it will go good with the 200+ milk glass i have

    A much under-appreciated category in the mainstream antique bottle collecting world. I'm definitely guilty. Conversely, as RelicRaker points out, Deco designs, as well as other styles. The Deco and Art Nouveau ones with lids grab the eye of smart collectors in the shabby chic vein and Deco...
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    Dr. Sunny Beverages - Grand’mere QC

    Just double checked that legal principle and it only applies to products which are medical or nutritional in nature. I mistakenly thought it applied to foods and beverages, too.
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    Dr. Sunny Beverages - Grand’mere QC

    Good point, but I imagine there was some sort of exception. When was Dr. Pepper first distributed in Canada?

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