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    271 year old barn burned down last night in Stratham Nh one of the oldest in the state

    Oh my god! I hate when history is destroyed. That really sucks man....
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    older looking Corked bottle found in embankment

    Check after the next big rain storm. Might help uncover some glass or other indicators of a dump.
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    Big stoneware jar

    I didn't mean to say "duh" in the first one, somehow it auto corrected lol. Also yes this came from a house that was abandonned about 50 years ago but it was tore down a while back. Garbage dump lol
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    Little tiny ink or perfume

    Yes. It is very hard to I.d because there are no markings and I guess you can only go by trial and error.
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    Big stoneware jar

    This has been one of my ongoing projects, dug the main piece up in 2020, and duh the glued on one's lately. No stamps or embossing, any ideas of how old or what it is? That would be very helpful. (The pics areof the jar upside down)
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    Little tiny ink or perfume

    Dug this up last evening. I'm pretty shure at least 1890 because that's how old the dump is. There is only one embossin on it, which is "gb" on the bottom. Any ideas of what years and what it was?
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    older looking Corked bottle found in embankment

    I'm thinking the outskirts of a dump. Look for rocks sticking out because if it was a farm there should be spoils from when they took rocks outta the farmland. Im not shure if this applies to there, but that's what I find a lot in nl. Hope this helps!
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    What have i got bhys?

    A lot of old artifacts here came from quebec. Mostly french ancestry around here aswell.
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    What have i got bhys?

    I know that it is a chewing tobacco can, and only found one picture online, in an auction. How old or rare? "Laborking twist chewing tobacco, the kind of chew your looking for! 2ibs net, try a package, you cannot buy a better chew!" Used as a shoe polish can in the house I got it from
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    Killer one of a kind Sign.

    Holy cow that place is massive! Nice collection man! (Lol I'm only 14 but I bet my collection will look like that when I'm older lol
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    Latest river finds

    Holy cow! Great finds man!
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    Orange Crush bottle help

    First of all nice bottle, second of all this is an oldie, and it is an amber crush and are very sweet finds. I do not have one currently, but my guess would be 1950s or so?
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    Cleaning up rusty bottle caps

    Lemon juice might work, but I've never tried it. Maybe Vinigar or citrus, or even clr might work. Never tried these though, so mighty work
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    I’ve spent much time trying to I.D. This old stoneware beer bottle without any luck . Whatzit?

    To me it reminds me of the early french settlers homeade jugs/bottles. I've on ever found pieces, as they were from around 17-1800. I may be wrong but that is what I think. Still a great find!
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    Any of these authentically early?

    O Oh that sucks, I bet it would have had some good history
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    Any of these authentically early?

    What happened to the old house across the road?
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    Killer one of a kind Sign.

    I love the sign and rock on alice cooper! ✌
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    Sump'n different..Antique Coleman gas lamp.

    I've noticed you have what looks like a gum turpentine behind it! I just recently dug one of these up actually
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    Five for Friday!

    I have a bottle of that exact shape that I dug up earlier this year! It was made in western newfoundland and there is only one existing document I can find on it.

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